Monday, 23 July 2012

All the things I could do if I had a little money...

I'm sure every fashion loving girl has day-dreamed about having the perfect wardrobe and dressing table more than once in their adult lives.

I for one would be lying if I said I haven't felt the slightest bit of lust and envy every time I've seen an incredible walk in wardrobe that belongs to the rich, famous or fictional. I always look at the beautiful wardrobes with adoration and think: 'if I win the lottery, I will build a walk in wardrobe just like that!'

But, alas, I'm not rich, famous, or fictional. I will probably never have the perfect walk in wardrobe. In reality, my storage solutions are a world apart from the perfect, organised, colour-coordinated wonders seen on TV and in the heavenly photos we pin for inspiration. Though that doesn't stop me from daydreaming and looking for storage and display inspiration around every corner. I think that comes from the visual merchandiser in me. I love to keep things tidy and organised, and am a sucker for pretty storage containers.

These are just a handful of images that I've come across recently and have been inspired by. Just for the hell of it, I've added photos from my reality to compare! The photos under the heading 'My Reality' are the only photos in this post which are my own. Credit to the owners of the rest.

Amazing wardrobes...

My reality...

A crammed little wardrobe with no more room.

Fantastic accessory displays...

My reality...

 Accessories draped over dressing table mirrors; hair clips and earrings hung from a mannequin; and bracelets occupying a glass vase.

Belts, a few bags, and my dressing gown hang on the back of the door.

Necklaces hang on the wall.

Hair dryer, straighteners, scarves, and Winter accessories (in the bag) under the dressing table.

 A pretty gift bag holds my Winter hats and gloves.

Rainbow nail polish collections...

My reality...

 Nail polishes stored in an old vanity case in a drawer.

Amazingly organised make up drawers...

My reality...

 My make up and nail polish drawer

This one stores bits and bobs like cotton wool, contact lenses, plasters, travel pots, cosmetic freebies (top right), ugly toiletries I don't want on show, and so on.

Until recently I used this drawer to store my winter scarves, gloves, and hats, but I moved them intending to put my bracelets back in here. It currently holds wash bags and cases.

My current bug bear is the disarray of my dressing table drawers. I generally like to keep everything tidy and organised, but the make up drawers are far from it.

So, I took to browsing online for inspiration a few nights ago. I spent several hours (yeah, seriously, my life is so rock 'n' roll...) searching just about every possible website for drawer tidies. Everything I found was either too small for my needs, way too expensive, or ugly. Why is it so hard to find pots of trays like in the drawers above? I expected to come across some glass organisers, but everything was generally acrylic. I don't particularly want to use a cutlery holder, either.

Then I found the three designs above on the Ikea website. They're the perfect size for my dressing table drawers and inexpensive... They seemed like the perfect solution... then I discovered delivery would be £7.50, and was put off buying them for now. I expect I'll commit to purchasing the make up tidy and the drawer divider when I have some spare pennies, unless I find something better in the meantime.

While I was searching, I also found nail polish holders on Amazon starting from about ten pounds. I like the idea of having my nail polish collection on show again, but in an organised fashion, as it would probably encourage me to use different shades more often.

How do you store and display your clothes, accessories, and cosmetics?

Is everything tidy and organised, or is it all a bit of a shambles like mine?

If you have drawer tidies, where did you find them, or what do you use to keep everything organised?

I hope you've enjoyed getting something a little bit different from me today. Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this one in the future!



  1. I think what you have is super cute, it's more than what most people have and it's YOURS! :)

    I really like posts like this, it's cool to see how other people live and you always get new ideas for your own home... for example, I totally have to do that "vase as jewelery storage" thing, I'm using pretty glasses now but they're not big enough. I'll make a post about my bedroom/wardrobe situation eventually, but I want to get a new bed first... my old one is pretty embarrassing ^^

    1. I'm not ungreatful for what I have, it's just not to the standard I like... but I make do. I've been lucky to be able to purchase the lovely things I've wanted over the last ten years.

      I enjoy nosing at everyone's wardrobes and rooms, too. I actually want to get some glass cake stand to display the jewellery on, but I grabbed an old cheap vase from the cupboard (I think I paid about £2 for it years ago from Woolworths) for now. Although I think I'm going to put them back in the bottom drawer so I can get to them easier.

      I'd love to see a Nita bedroom/ Wardrobe post. Your bed looks lovely, but I have the same embarrassment over my little bed, too. Makes me feel like an overgrown teenager.

  2. I'm do not organised even though I save a dressing
    room there are boxes of stuff everywhere ! Xx

    1. You have so many amazing accessories! How do you ever find what you're looking for? LOL xx

  3. What are the Ikea drawer dividers called? I love them!

    I use an Ikea Benno DVD tower for my nail polishes - not quite as swanky looking or easy to access as your pics, but I have well over 100 polishes and needed something that didn't take up much space!

    1. Ooh sorry, I forgot to add names and links. I'll correct that! They're 'Godmorgan Storage with Compartments (transparent)and cost £4.50. You can find them here: The make up organiser is £14 and can be found through this link Wow, 100 polishes?! I thought I had a lot!

  4. i scoured the interweb looking at these divine bedroom stylings, the joy of a boudoir bedroom where clothes are displayed and easy to find, i was desperately in need of help and also a little organisation - i definately didn't have 1000's of pounds budget- i had to be creative- i have several tall billy bookcases (bought on sale at £20 each and complement my white furniture-you can aslo get them in wood effect) and i use them for shoes and bags, wicker baskets for cosmetics etc - i also got some moody lighting haha and it feels like a sanctuary - i think your nail polish organiser is such a great idea and i love this post - isn't it the common problem for all ladies who love all their clothes?!! x

    1. That sounds like such a good idea, and a perfect solution! I think we all end up with little room from all our spendings!

  5. I've nominated / awarded you with the The Liebster Blog Award!

    come and steal the award from my page

    1. Thank you so much Becky! I'll do a post for it later today :)


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