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Cath Kidston Disney Alice in Wonderland Haul

If you're a fan of Cath Kidston or Alice in Wonderland- or have just read my blog lately- you'll probably be aware that Cath Kidston recently released a highly anticipated Disney Alice in Wonderland collection. 

As a big fan of both Alice in Wonderland and Cath Kidston, this is a collection I've been hoping and wishing for ever since Cath Kidston created their first Disney collection a few years ago, and it's even more perfect than I could've dreamed.

The sixty-eight piece collection features fashion, homeware, stationery, and children's ware with classic Alice in Wonderland characters and quotes from the movie beautifully entwined with original Cath Kidston prints and designs. The result is a unique and truly wonderful collection that fans of Cath Kidston and Alice in Wonderland have been going crazy for- myself included. (Not that you would've guessed with the amount of times I blogged about the range before its release, or anything).

I naturally had a Cath K Alice in Wonderland wish list as long as my arm, and thanks to a surprisingly easy pre-sale shopping experience and a nice little rebate, I was able to buy all the pieces I wanted (that I could afford). I may have gotten ever so slightly carried away and purchased eleven pieces in total (although I've since sold one), and I thought it was about time I showed you my Cath Kiston Alice in Wonderland haul. 

First, let me apologise for how atrocious today's photos are. I've been struggling to edit them for months, but I just can't get them to look half-decent whatever I do, so I'm admitting defeat and posting what I've got. I know they look terrible, but I hope you won't hold it against me! You've probably already noticed that I suck at photo editing!

I'm going to start with my favourite purchase from the range, which has got to be the Alice Meadow Applique Tote £65. It's a stunning sky blue tote with a placement print of Alice sitting in a meadow of daisies watching the bread and butterflies fluttering above the flowers. It's so beautiful! I think it has got to be my favourite design from the collection. The meadow and sky stretch around all four sides of the bag, with Alice and the hybrid insects only present on the front. It also has white applique leather daisies embellishing the print, which is such a lovely touch. All I feel the imagery is missing is Dinah; she would've looked so cute sitting amongst the daisies. I can't believe Cath Kidston kept her out of the designs! The tote features long shoulder straps, a zipped inside pocket in the Alice Words print, and a clasp-fastening in the centre. It's a generous size, too, so the bag will be ideal for shopping, and those days when I need to carry everything but the kitchen sink around with me. I don't actually own any other large tote bags, so it's great to fill a gap in my wardrobe, and try a different style for a change. I honestly didn't think I was going to be lucky enough to get my hands on this bag before it sold out, so I'm so happy to have it in my collection. I know it's going to get a lot of use.

I also bought the matching Alice Meadow Continental Wallet £40, which features the same design of Alice sitting in a meadow of daisies on the outside, and the Alice Words print lining the inside. The wallet has a big zipped pocket in the centre for coins, along with five other compartments, and twelve card slots, so it has heaps of room for organising your cash, cards, and receipts. I love Cath Kidston wallets, but this one is my favourite one yet. It's just so damn pretty!

Of course, being a stationery addict, I couldn't resist buying the complimenting Alice Meadow A5 hardback notebook £10, and Alice Meadow chunky pen £7, on impulse, too. I can never resist Cath Kidston's thin-ruled notebooks because they're my favourites to write in, and the pages are always made from great quality paper. The Alice Meadow notebook is no different, and it's so beautiful with that meadow print on the front and back covers. The pages are thin-ruled, and are completely plain, which I have to admit is a little disappointing as Cath Kidston's notebooks usually have pretty CK borders and illustrations on each page, so it feels like the notebook is missing something. It's still a gorgeous notebook, and it's going to get a lot of use, but I think a few daisies or Bread and Butterflies on each page would've made this notebook a little more special. 

The Alice Meadow pen was a completely frivolous purchase, but I love the way these black ball-point Cath Kidston pens make my hand-writing look, so I decided to treat myself. Well, I have to write in the Alice Meadow notebook with something, don't I? It's currently out of stock online, but might still be available in store, so it could be worth visiting your local branch.

You might be thinking I just bought up the Alice Meadow collection, but I did buy lots of other designs, as well, including the Painting The Roses Washbag £24, and matching Painting The Roses Cosmetics Bag £18. These PVC-coated-cotton cases feature sketched-style illustrations of Alice in her iconic blue dress and apron with a paintbrush in hand painting the roses red. Blue vintage-style roses of the Cath Kidston variety, to be specific. Alice blends in so perfectly with the classic Cath Kidston print, and she's quite subtle, which you might appreciate if you're not a fan of loud, in your face Disney designs. Both the wash bag and cosmetics bag have plenty of room for the essentials, so they'll be ideal for travelling, and they're also easy to wipe clean, which I'm sure will be appreciated if there's any major shampoo explosions when travelling.

I didn't need any more cases, but I still found myself adding the Set of Two Alice and Friends Pouches £15 to my order. The duo includes a large zipped polyester pouch with a sketch of Alice on a red polka dot background, and a complimenting smaller case with a grinning pink Cheshire Cat on a background of navy spots. I haven't decided whether I'm keeping them for myself or adding them to the present stash yet, but I'm sure they'll come in handy for storing craft supplies, make up, or medicine if I do decide to keep them. 

One of my favourites from the whole collection has to be the Playing Cards Salt and Pepper Shakers £20. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw the preview photos of the range, and knew I had to have them. Inspired by the card men from the Alice in Wonderland movie, these amazing bone china salt and pepper shakers have been designed to look like, well... playing cards. The pepper shaker has an image of The White Rabbit who's running late for a very important date, and the salt shaker displays an illustration of Alice on a ladder preparing to paint the roses red, both complimented with Cath Kidston florals. They're so gorgeous and have such a retro feel to them. They even come presented in their own blue cardboard box, decorated with images from the Alice Words design, so they'd make such a lovely gift for an Alice in Wonderland fan. Trust me, you need these in your life!

Another of my most coveted pieces from the collection was the Alice Words Jug Vase £14. This light cream vase has a pretty sketched illustration of Alice in her blue dress and apron with quotes from the film wrapped around it, with some Cath Kidston florals and Bread and Butterflies mixed in for good measure. It's so lovely, but a lot smaller than I was expecting, which was a little disappointing as I'd hoped it would be large enough to display a bunch of flowers. It could work as a vase for some small blooms, but I'll probably make some felt flowers for it instead, or perhaps find a use for it in the kitchen.

I also treated myself to the Alice and Friends White Rabbit Mug £10. It's an off-white earthenware mug with sky blue polka dots and an adorable sketch-style illustration of The White Rabbit blowing a trumpet on either side, and it's ca-uuute! The mug is a mini Stanley mug, so it's a little smaller than I was expecting, but still the perfect size for a cuppa. There are also three other Alice in Wonderland mugs to collect from the range, including designs of some of the most beloved Wonderland characters, Alice, The Cheshire Cat and The Mad Hatter.

My biggest splurge was on the Alice Words Double Duvet Set £80, although, I decided to sell it a couple of months ago as I couldn't really afford to keep it. I loved the set, but it was too frivolous to justify keeping an £80 duvet set, and I couldn't help thinking it was a little childish for a woman in her thirties. The set was gorgeous, though. It's made from silky-soft, great-quality white cotton, and covered in quotes form the movie, including "oh, my fur and whiskers!", "when you come to the end, stop!", and "what kind of garden do you come from?". It also features beloved Alice in Wonderland characters, from Alice and The Mad Hatter, to the Dormouse, dandelion, pansies, and Bread and Butterflies, plus iconic Cath Kidston prints such as toadstools and florals. There is so much detail to it, it's almost like a giant picture book for adults. The set comes with a matching cotton drawstring pouch for storage, or it could even be used as a pyjama bag while it's in use. Unfortunately, the duvet set is sold out online in both sizes- in fact, it sold out just three minutes in to the pre-sale (I have no idea how I managed to snag one!), but perhaps try in store or eBay if you want to get your hands on it.

And that is my lovely Cath Kidston Alice in Wonderland haul!

I'm so happy with everything I bought. It's all so gorgeous, and as always, wonderful quality. If I were rich, I could've easily bought more from the range, but I managed to restrain myself. I'm still hoping to get my hands on the Alice Words Cake Stand at a later date, though! 

You can find all available pieces from the Cath Kidston Alice in Wonderland collection over on Cath Kidston's website here, and of course, in Cath Kidston stores nationwide. Daisy Park also have a selection of products from the range on their website here. Most of these pieces are still available, and there's dozens of other wonderful products to shop from, too. Get them before they're gone!

Have you purchased anything from the Cath Kidston Disney Alice in Wonderland collection?

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