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My Huge Cath Kidston Collection 2015

Hello, my name is Louise, and I have a Cath Kidston addiction. 

I'll just wait while you let that shock revelation sink in. It's not like I've blogged about their products much over the years or anything... ahem. Who am I kidding? 

I fully admit that I'm a little obsessed with Cath Kidston. I probably own enough of their stuff to star on an episode of hoarders. I just can't resist their fun, quirky prints and retro designs, and the quality just keeps me going back for more. It's why I've unintentionally built up quite a large collection over the years. I own all sorts of Cath K goodies from luggage to jewellery, homeware to stationery, and everything in between.

It's been a couple of years since I last shared my collection, so today I'm going to do an update and give you a peek at it all. It's going to be a bit of a long one, so put your feet up and get comfortable! This might take a while.

I told you I had a big collection! The scary thing is, the photo above only shows about half of it...  I couldn't fit it all in one photo!

I'm sorry I haven't got more photos of everything displayed together. None of them came out very well, which is frustrating as it took me three hours to set it all up, and I did it all twice! No amount of editing salvaged them, and I haven't got the energy to try a third time, so I'm making do with the photo above. You'll get a closer look at everything as the post goes on, anyway.

So, let's start with some of my very first Cath K purchases, the red star print purses and gadget cases. I bought them all on sale about six or seven years ago, and I was so impressed with them that I was instantly hooked on the brand. I fell in love with the quality as well as the designs, and I can say without a doubt that these purses were where my love of CK began. I've used them all regularly since I bought them, and it shows just how well-made and hard-wearing their products really are. It's part of the reason why I keep on going back for more.

I only recently added the rainbow needle case to the collection. It was quite pricey for a little bit of felt and a few needles, but it was too cute to resist. Plus, I really did need somewhere to store my extra sewing needles. Honest! One thing I didn't need and don't quite know why I have it, is the lanyard strap. I've never needed ID for work, but I'm sure one day it'll come in handy. Maybe.

My current favourites are my heart print pieces, which I blogged about a couple of months ago (here). They're some of the few pieces I didn't buy on sale. I loved the print so much I just couldn't wait 'til sale time... although, most of them are finally on sale now.

In the multi-coloured star print I have a laptop case, a pencil case, and a glasses case. They're all around four or five years old, and I bought them on sale because I thought the print was really fun. The polka dot key fob was another of my very first purchases, and the floral case is home to my Kindle. I think the print is Kingswood Rose, but I'm not 100% certain.

I own a random assortment of travel accessories which always keep me organised when I'm on my travels. As you can see, I like to mix and match. I have a navy polka dot travel wallet (for keeping tickets, currency, cards, and passports together); a strawberry print passport cover; a luggage tag; and a ticket holder (which is handy for train and tube tickets). I also have a floral cover on my old Blackberry, and a green polka dot purse.

The rabbit and mushroom print wash bag, and make up case are a year or two old, and came in a set. I couldn't resist them because I love bunnies and toadstools; always have, always will. I've realised they're a little too small for my needs, but I'm sure I'll find a new purpose for them soon.

I adore Cath K's quirky jewellery, and I'm building up a nice little collection of their brooches and bracelets. I particularly love their resin accessories, but I have several metal and wooden pieces, too. The four resin brooches are definitely my favourites. The tulip brooch and red rose bracelet are still available, and are on sale, too!

I have quite a few Cath K hair accessories, too, and I'm sure I've got more knocking about somewhere. I've no idea where my hair grips disappear to! It's one of life's greatest unsolved mysteries. I unashamedly buy hair accessories from the kids range, as well as the adults (like the strawberry clips), because they often have such cute designs. Why should kids have all the fun?

One of my favourite ever buys was the pretty strawberry suitcase. It was actually marketed as a children's suitcase, but when I found it on sale for just £15 I knew I had to have it for storage. It looks really pretty in my bedroom, too.

The two big white, and little pink star-print boxes were my very first CK buys. They were part of a Penny Kennedy gift box range, which I claimed before they'd even hit the shop floor when I worked in interiors. Money well spent. I originally had four of the big ones, but I used two as caskets for my guinea pigs a few years back. The other three are stationery boxes, which I bought in a set on sale last year, and will be using as gift boxes at some point.

One of my biggest weaknesses is pretty stationery, and Cath Kidston always have beautiful pieces to choose from. I've gone through quite a lot of it since the noughties. At the moment, I have eight pink and green Provence Rose folders which I mainly use to organise my hospital, physio, and other medical paperwork. I also use a few for craft paper. I have a couple of pretty floral notebooks, an old diary from 2012, a set of notecards, a sheet of stickers, a writing set, and a floral scrapbook, which I've had for years, but still haven't used. I really need to find a use for it.

I always look forward to Cath K's Christmas collections, although, I tend to buy most of it on sale. The only items I bought full price in the photo above are the tea light holders, which are from Christmas 2013. I couldn't resist them.

Last September, I bought a basket full of the wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, and gift tags in their Bicester Village outlet store for next to nothing, and I've still got plenty left to see me through this Christmas. I did the same the year before, and I still have a few cards and gift tags left. I love using good quality products without the price tag that would normally go with them! I keep organised at Christmas with my Christmas organiser, and I picked up a Xmas Notes notepad last year, which I've been using for writing present shopping lists, and to plan xmas blog posts. I also have a Christmas coffee mug (seen in this post), and a set of Christmas plates stored away in the kitchen somewhere, but I couldn't be bothered to dig them out.

Helpful tip: If you want to get their Christmas things on sale, check their outlet shops after Christmas and around September time.

There are also a few bags in my collection, but only a few because most of them aren't really my style.

I have the most amazing teal polka dot suitcase (post here) , that I snagged on sale for just £40 a few years ago. I think it was originally around £90! It's a beauty, and I can easily fit a week's worth of stuff in it, which is a bonus. I use the red polka dot messenger bag (post here) for travelling, day-trips, and hospital appointments because it's so roomy, and comfortable to carry, even when it's heavy. I also have the same bag in a denim-blue, but I couldn't find it to photograph. (See it in an old post here). My Christmas book bag was bought on sale a couple of months ago for about £7, and I can't wait to use it this December for shopping and carrying presents in. And last, but not least, is my floral laundry bag, which is another oldie. I don't use it for laundry, but for storing some of my scarves in.

And finally, a few pieces I bought on sale this past week, which I've wanted for months. I picked up the small heart print travel case, and sandwich plate last week, and yesterday, I treated myself to the duck brooch and rainbow pin cushion which are both so damn cute! 

And that's my Cath Kidston collection!

Not pictured are my blue polka dot messenger bag, star print apron, Christmas plates and Christmas coffee mug. but here are a few stock photos of them.

Woah, I have a lot of Cath Kidston stuff! And, I have a feeling my collection won't stop growing just yet.

Should I be worried?!

Nah. I know I'd own much more if I had my own home. I'd love to have a kitchen full of their gorgeous kitchenware, which I know will happen one day. Sadly, it doesn't really go with my Mum's Port Merion stuff, or I'd phase some of it in now! I basically love all kinds of Cath K products-fashion, luggage, homeware, stationery, crafty things, fabric, even their kids range. I can't resist buying things from the kids range for my best friend's little boy; I've already got him some of the thieves, London buses, and taxi stationery for Christmas.

The vast majority of my collection was bought on sale or through outlet shops. If you want to snag a bargain, I'd recommend checking out their outlet stores at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire, and Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. Those shops are fantastic. I'm sure there are others up and down the UK, too. They also throw pretty decent sales throughout the year with some great discounts, so it's always worth keeping an eye on their website. There's actually a sale on right now!

If you've made it to the end, thanks for sticking with me, and putting up with my ramblings!

Do you have a Cath Kidston collection to rival mine?


  1. You have an impressive collection!! I loved the star range! I have a fair few items but not as many as that. I have a few dresses and skirts too, in fact I'm wearing a Cath dress in my current blog post (come and say hi!) And red polls dot wellies!!!!x

  2. You have a huge collection ! How about using the bunny wash bag as a pencil case? Xx


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