Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Favourites #112: Christmas Special

With just eleven days to go 'til Christmas day, I'm feeling  extremely festive, and am contentedly embracing the Christmas spirit. 

I've put together another Christmas-themed Sunday Favourites post to help get you in the festive mood, with plenty of yule tide inspiration to see you through 'til Christmas!

I'm a fan of red, white, and green Christmas decorations, but lately colourful and neutral colours have been catching my eye, and that's the inspiration behind today's post. Enjoy!

I love the accents of teal, mint, and pink on this tree.

These decorations are so lovely.

This honeycomb bauble Christmas tree makes such a bold statement.


I adore all the muted colours in the two photos above. The decor is so different to anything I've ever seen at Christmas before..

I've never thought about having a pink theme for my Christmas decor, but it really works in the photo above.

I want to make this gingerbread-man pinata! It would be so much fun to make for a Christmas party.

Forget using natural pine cones, or spray-painting them silver or gold; why not paint them in bold colours for a fun statement?

These snowy chocolate pinecones look amazing!

And these penguin macrons with eggnog ganache look so cute!

I love this snowflake nail art... although the nail shape isn't for me.

This tree looks so chic! Look how gorgeous those gifts look under the tree.

The old European tradition of leaving presents in shoes is adorable. I love the shoes and colour scheme used in this photo, too.

Kaelah's Christmas tree is stunning.

I want all the ugly Christmas jumpers!

I want to make a gingerbread man garland!

This is beautiful.

And I'm in love with this person's idea of turning pumpkins in to snowmen! I wish pumpkins weren't so scarce in England at this time of year.

Louise's Lovely Christmas Links

♥ How to make a crochet Christmas wreath.

♥ I love these dream tree decorating tips from Kaelah of The Clueless Girl's Guide.

♥ I'm in love with this colourful Christmas home tour.

♥ This snowglobe ornament DIY is adorable.

♥ I love this idea for a Christmas tree in a box; a kit you could send to family away from home for Christmas, like soldiers on deployment or family backpacking around the world.

♥ 134 stocking filler / stuffer ideas.

♥ 150 new stocking filler / stuffer ideas.

Thanks for reading! If you need more Christmas inspiration, check out my Pinterest account; I have about ten boards full of Christmas inspiration you might enjoy!



  1. im not feeling very festive at all this year with everything thats going on but your post did make me feel a little more xmasy xx

  2. I LOVE the gingerbread man pinata!


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