Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pre-December Christmas Post Round Up 2014

It's official; the count down to Christmas has begun! 

And I couldn't be more excited! 

The festive season is my favourite time of the year, but I'm sure you're already aware of that, what with all the Christmas posts I've already blogged over the last couple of months. I know some of those Christmas posts would've been too early to interest a lot of people, so I've put together a recap post with links to all of my festive ramblings so far this year, to help you get in the festive spirit! I've also included a few oldies from previous Christmases which you might enjoy... just excuse the quality of those ones! Ha ha! I don't know what I was thinking!

My money saving tips to help you stretch your money further this Christmas, with a few tips on how to get through your Christmas shopping without losing your cool.

Are you looking for some ideas and inspiration for making December as festive as possible? Check out my 101 ideas for things to do this Christmas; it's packed full of ideas from baking cookies to making Christmas crackers.

You've all heard of Christmas jumpers, but have you ever heard of Christmas themed dresses? No? Well, check out these amazing frocks from plus size friendly brand Silly Old Sea Dog!

I reviewed some lovely festive decorations from The Christmas Boutique earlier this Winter. I'd recommend this post if you're shopping for new decorations to set the scene this Christmas.

I searched high and low and compiled a huge list of all of the beauty advent calendars available this year. There might still be time to get your hands on some of them if you hurry.

Did you know that there are jewellery and candle advent calendars to count down to Christmas with, as well?

I also wrote about Ciate's fabulous Mini Mani Manor nail polish advent calendar.

I featured The Body Shop's beauty advent calendar, 24 Days of Joy.

And also gave you a sneak peek of it when mine landed on my doorstep. 

Last Christmas I showed you how to make your own Christmas crackers using a kit from Hobbycraft. The post includes stacks of ideas for what gifts to fill them with, too.

Last December I also blogged about how to put a Christmas goody box together for the ladies in your life, using examples from gifts I've given my friends and relatives in the past.

This one's an old one from my first year of blogging, so please excuse the quality of the photos and content, and the terrible use of fonts. I don't know what I was thinking! In this post I blogged about how to put Christmas beauty boxes together, and showed you what was going in the beauty boxes I was giving the ladies in my life for Christmas that year.

And my last link for you is another oldie, which doesn't include any photos. It's simply a list of my tried and tested Christmas shopping tips.

This isn't the last of my festive posts for 2014; so keep an eye on Polka Spots and Freckle Dots this December as there are plenty more to come!

Thanks for reading!


  1. You love Christmas more than anyone I know and I think its super sweet!


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