Monday, 1 December 2014

My Christmas Bucket List

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I may be twenty-nine, but I still look forward to the festive season every year as much as I did growing up; I guess I'm just a big kid at heart! 

I love almost everything about Christmas, but it's the lead up to the day that I love most; it's the best part! I like to fill the days and weeks leading up to Christmas with as much festive cheer as possible, so every year I write a list of all the festive things I want and need to do, and try to cross off as many of them as possible before the year is through. This year is no different. I've already compiled a list of 100 Christmas activities I'd like to achieve this Christmas, and I'm going to share it with you today. 

  1. Finish my Christmas cross stitch picture.
  2. Get my Christmas pictures framed in time for Christmas.
  3. Make my Christmas cross stitch cards.
  4. Go to Bourton-on-the-Water's Christmas lights event.
  5. Decorate the Christmas tree.
  6. Decorate the house for Christmas.
  7. Decorate my bedroom for Christmas.
  8. Go for a walk to forage for foliage for natural decorations.
  9. Make Christmas playlists to soundtrack the season. [Tick!]
  10. Watch Christmas movies throughout December.
  11. Have at least one Christmas movie marathon.
  12. Finish my Christmas shopping.
  13. Wrap all of my Christmas presents beautifully.
  14. Write Christmas cards.
  15. Watch a new-to-me Christmas film.
  16. See a festive film at the cinema.
  17. Go see a play or musical at the theatre.
  18. Go to a concert.
  19. Go late night Christmas shopping.
  20. Attend my town's Christmas lights event.
  21. Visit the Christmas Shop.
  22. Visit a garden centre or department store to browse the Christmas departments and food halls.
  23. Buy a new Christmas dress.
  24. Buy a new pair of festive PJs.
  25. Put together a Christmas box to enjoy on Christmas Eve.
  26. Make Christmas crackers.
  27. Make table favours for Christmas dinner.
  28. Make popcorn and cranberry garlands.
  29. Take at least one photo a day.
  30. Create a Christmas photo challenge and complete it.
  31. Do some festive creative writing.
  32. Read a festive novel.
  33. Buy at least one new Christmas decoration. [Tick!]
  34. Buy a little Christmas tree for my room.
  35. Light candles every night in December.
  36. Buy some festive Yankee Candles. [Tick!]
  37. Buy honeycomb decorations to hang around the house.
  38. Buy a beauty advent calendar to indulge in. [Tick!]
  39. Treat myself to some Lush festive goodies. [Tick!]
  40. Have a relaxing bath with a festive bath bomb or bubble bath.
  41. Try out some festive nail art.
  42. Wear festive nail wraps.
  43. Try out a festive eye make up look.
  44. Bake and ice Christmas cookies.
  45. Bake and ice Christmas cupcakes.
  46. Make chocolate truffles.
  47. Make peppermint creams.
  48. Make a yule log.
  49. Make my famous trifle.
  50. Make a cheesecake.
  51. Make a gingerbread house.
  52. Make snowman macarons.
  53. Play board games on Christmas Day.
  54. Wear glitter nail polish.
  55. Send Christmas cards.
  56. Do a random act of kindness.
  57. Donate money to a good cause.
  58. Donate to an animal related cause.
  59. Buy a new decoration to symbolise something good that happened this year.
  60. Go out for hot chocolate.
  61. Relax with a hot chocolate at home.
  62. Go out for a turkey dinner / carvery.
  63. Make a special breakfast for Christmas Day.
  64. Make pom poms.
  65. Start a new tradition.
  66. Make and finish my Christmas cross stitch ornament.
  67. Make flavoured butters for Christmas meals.
  68. Visit Broadway (Cotswolds).
  69. Go Christmas shopping in Cheltenham. [Tick!]
  70. Keep a Christmas journal.
  71. Take family photos in front of the tree.
  72. Buy or make a wreath for the door.
  73. Buy a fibre optic tree.
  74. Build a snowman if it snows.
  75. Make a Christmas ornament for the tree.
  76. Hang paper chains.
  77. Make paper snowflakes.
  78. Spray paint some foliage.
  79. Make a new dessert.
  80. Make an apple pie.
  81. Make sausage rolls from scratch.
  82. Eat hot roasted chestnuts.
  83. Drink a festive tipple.
  84. Make a Christmas pudding.
  85. Make marshmallows for Christmas hot chocolates.
  86. Make condiments for turkey sandwiches.
  87. Decorate the house with candy canes.
  88. Attend a festive church service.
  89. Go for a drive to spot Christmas lights.
  90. Go for a walk to spot Christmas lights.
  91. Go for a Christmas Day walk.
  92. Visit a European Christmas market.
  93. Put together a Christmas shoe box for somebody in need.
  94. Get a hair cut in time for Christmas.
  95. Buy a Christmas jumper. [Tick!]
  96. Hang stockings on the fire place.
  97. Watch It's A Wonderful Life for the first time.
  98. Watch the original Miracle on 34th Street film for the first time.
  99. Go to Blenheim Palace while it's decorated for Christmas.
  100. Read A Christmas Carol.

Since making this list a couple of weeks ago, I've already completed seven of the goals! I'm off to a good start! I doubt I'll complete every single goal on the list, but I'll give it my best shot. I'm not going to put any pressure on myself, though; the list is more for a little inspiration to pick and choose from when I want to do something festive.

I'm planning on taking a photo for each goal I achieve, and at the end of the year I'm going to blog about how much (or how little!) I've managed to cross off.

If you'd like to use this idea and write your own Christmas bucket list, or even work your way through mine, please feel free to do so! If you write a list on your blogs, leave me your links- I'd love to see them!

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Will you be making a Christmas bucket list or to-do list this Christmas?



  1. looks like you have a lot to do xx

  2. I love how much you always get into Christmas Louise - I hope you've made good progress with your list xoxox


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