Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lush Christmas 2014

There are many things I look forward to every Christmas: decorating the tree. watching Christmas movies, going to the annual family gathering, and even the arrival of Lush's Christmas collection. Yes, really!

It might sound odd that I get excited about a range of festive beauty products, but hey, I'm easily pleased, and their Christmas ranges are always amazing! My little sister used to work for Lush, so I became accustomed to getting lots of Lush goodies every Christmas, and even though she no longer works with Lush, I still ask for some every year. What can I say? I'm hooked!

This year I decided I couldn't wait 'til Christmas for my festive Lush fix, so I recently treated myself to a few products to enjoy during the festive season. 

I couldn't afford to go all out and buy a basket full of festive bath bombs and soaps, so I restrained myself and came home with five products. It's taken even more restraint to save them all until December! Now we're officially in the Christmas season, I can finally start enjoying them- yay!

Would you like to know more about the products I bought?

The Dashing Santa Bath Bomb is unsurprisingly, a Santa-shaped bath bomb! He's so festive- looking in his classic red, white, and gold suit. I chose Dashing Santa because he's satsuma scented, and orange citrus scents are my favourite fragrances. It smells just like the now discontinued 'Happy Soap' and 'Happy Pill', which I was obsessed with! I'm still mourning the loss of those two products! (Sad, I know!) For £2.95 you get a lot of bath bomb for your money, and I think it would easily stretch to three or four baths if you snap it in to smaller pieces.

 (Apologies for the quality of this photo; it didn't want to cooperate).

I'm not exactly sure what's festive about a hedgehog, but I found the Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar too cute to resist. Isn't it adorable? Mine does look a bit like a flattened hodgeheg, and my photos don't do it any favours, but it is a sweet little bubble bar just the same. It's rose and ylang ylang scented, and it has a faint smell of festive spices. It also contains cocoa and shea butters, to soften and gently moisturise the skin while you bathe, and if it's like other Lush bubble bars I've tried in the past, your skin (and mine!) will be in for a treat! £3.25 is a small price to pay for silky soft skin!

One product I can't wait to start using is the Yog Nog Soap (£3.40 per 100g). It smells so festive; like gingerbread or cinders toffee. I keep picking it up to inhale it because it smells so delicious! I may have to go back for another slab of it before the month is through. This soap contains soya yoghurt, clove bud, and ylang ylang essential oils, and it's dusted with aromatic cocoa powder. It's the perfect soap to put by the sink for everybody to enjoy over Christmas, and the best part is, unlike most soaps, Lush soaps are moisturising and leave you with the softest skin. I don't just use Lush soaps for washing my hands, though; I like to use them for shaving my legs, too. They lather up well, and leave me with the softest skin when I'm done!

Another citrus product I couldn't resist was the Baked Alaska Snowball Soap (£3.25 per 100g). Sure, a little wedge of this soap doesn't look like a snowball, but the giant spherical soap it's cut from does. Sort of. It's only when it's cut in to that the soap reveals it's true colours; vibrant greens, yellows, and oranges. This soap has the most amazing zesty lemon and lime scent (at least that's how it smells to me), although it actually contains uplifting organic lemon myrtle, refreshing grapefruit, and stress-relieving ylang ylang oil. It has such a gorgeous fragrance, but I personally think it's better suited to summer than Christmas. Lemon just isn't a scent I associate with Christmas time.

The First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder  is one of those "a blogger made me buy it" purchases. Do I really need a powder which gives my skin a festive shimmer? Probably not, but then, who does? I just couldn't resist the opportunity to spend Christmas coated in glitter for the bargain price of £4.75!

First Snow is a cream coloured powder with a flour-like consistency, and you just simply rub it in to your skin. You only need to use a little at a time and it leaves you with a subtle silver shimmer. It reminds me of the spray on body and hair glitters we used to drown ourselves in in the nineties- although thankfully, it's not as OTT. You can use it as discreetly or as generously as you like; you could coat your entire body in it, or just use it to highlight particular areas like your collar bones and decolletage. It's the perfect product for all those Christmas parties, and it will even leave your skin smelling of citrus fruits. It's another one that smells like the old 'Happy' fragrance, and I could sit here inhaling the scent all day!

And that sums up my little Christmas Lush haul. I can't wait to start using them all over the next few weeks!

Have you tried any of  the products in Lush's Christmas collection yet this year?



  1. Ooh First Snow looks lovely! I'm most excited about Rose Jam which I actually think I prefer to Snow Fairy (!!!!!!!!!!!) but as for sparkle, this year the sparklers from the Body Shop are my first choice xxx

  2. i have never seen the fascination with lush i find it very overpowering but they do have a knack of making stuff look amazing xx

  3. Lush has the most amazing stuff - I went there the other day with a friend who was buying a present for her son's daycare teacher. I pretty much wanted to buy everything for me!


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