Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Home Tour Part One: My Bedroom

Can you believe it's just over a week to go 'til Christmas? I'm beginning to freak out about how much I've got left to do; I'm usually completely organised by the end of November! For the first time ever, I'm not, and it's stressing me out big time! I haven't even written my cards yet! *Hyperventilates.*

I'm even ridiculously behind with my blog posts. I've been trying to put this post together since I put the decorations up on the first! I've just been so shattered from physio, lately.

I managed to put decorations up in my bedroom a couple of weeks ago, though, as I didn't want to miss out on the festive atmosphere just because I'm stuck in bed most of the time. I'm so glad I did, and I think it's time I gave you a little Christmas room tour...

So, this is how my little Christmas tree currently looks. It was actually decorated differently before the 10th, when I got bored and redecorated it with the honeycomb baubles from The Christmas Boutique. I wasn't pleased with how it originally looked, but now the honeycomb decorations are up, I love it! It's far prettier in real life than in these photos, though; these photos don't do it justice!

And this is how my tree was originally decorated. It was very sparse, as I didn't have enough decorations to fill the branches, and it looked almost Scandinavian. If I'd had a few more ornaments for it, I would have been happy with it, bur I felt a bit underwhelmed once it was done.

The jingle bells, and icicles were from Sainsburys, as was the tree. The Nutcracker candles were from The Christmas Boutique, and I picked up the toadstools in a garden centre.

The felt house and baubles on twine came with last year's Christmas tree!

These three LED lights from Marks and Spencer's are new to my collection this year. They're colour changing ornaments, and fade in to different colours every few seconds, They remind me of fibre optic trees. I find them incredibly relaxing to watch, so they were great little buys for just £3.50 each.

My Body Shop and Ciaté beauty advent calendars are squeezed in between the tree and dressing table. I'm really enjoying waking up to two new beauty products every day!

My dressing table is decorated really sparsely this year (for Christmas, anyway!); it's already cluttered far too much. I stuck to fairy lights over the mirrors, and three frog queen ornaments amongst all the beauty products. 

I love to light candles during December, so I've used my Christmas tea light holders almost every night so far this month. The three glass holders are by Cath Kidston (old), and the fairisle wooden tea light holder is from The Christmas Boutique.

One of my favourite decorations at the moment is this heart shaped jingle bell wreath from Sainsburys; I can't believe a wreath this lovely came from a supermarket! And it was only about £6 on sale, too! I'll be sad to pack it away after Christmas because it's so pretty hanging on my wall.

Okay, it's not really a decoration, but my New Look bauble clutch does make a good ornament.

I have a little slate chalkboard to count down the sleeps left 'til Christmas... I promise I can count; I took these photos a couple of days in to December!

I turned this photo frame tree in to a Christmas tree for the holidays! I hung Paperchase snowflakes and gem-stone decorations (all old) from its metal branches, and popped it on the windowsill... where there's a lovely (ahem...) view of the RAF houses beyond my window.

I have these two beautiful hummingbird decorations hanging above my dressing table.... but I bought them outside so you can see how pretty they are when the light hits them. Aren't they stunning? They're from Gisella Graham's Christmas collection, (right hand colour-way available here) but I'm going to keep them up all year as they're beautiful and not particularly festive.

I recently finished my Christmas cross stitch picture and was hoping to have it framed to hang up in my room this Christmas, but who has money for picture frames at this time of year? Not me, that's for sure. Ha ha!

I wanted to include it in the festive room tour anyway, because I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I've never sewn anything of this size before. Ever. It took months of work and the outer border was really tedious, so I'm proud of myself for persevering with it, and for the fact it doesn't look half bad. The kit is available here, in case you're interested.

I still haven't framed the Christmas cross stitch I completed last year! This makes me a little sad. Maybe next year I'll have them both framed ready to go on the wall... or maybe I'll have a third one finished and added to the pile of frame-less pictures! I'm hopeless. Both cross stitch pictures are by Riverdrift House, which are available on Amazon. You can find the Noel Peace on Earth kit here.

So, that's my bedroom decorated for Christmas... Keep an eye out for part two of my Christmas home tour later in the week, when I'll be giving you a look at some of the decorations downstairs.

Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas?



  1. your xmas tree is so cute x

  2. Your rooom is gorgeous! Er- no we haven't decorated at all!!!x

  3. Your cross-stitch patterns are beautiful, framing will happen in it's own sweet time (that's my philosophy! I still haven't done the individual boxes for my children of their christening gowns, communion dresses etc, you are way more organised than me!) your room is gorgeous, I like both versions of your tree and your kitsch style cute glasses - I haven't done my cards or finished the shopping, hopefully it will all be done tomorrow - I have decorated my kitchen though, albeit a load of huge pom-poms! - btw physio sounds blooming awful, take care x x x

  4. Your room looks so lovely. I haven't done much just a tree. I hope your physio is going ok xx

  5. Lovely room - but I have to say, the cross-stitch are my favourite thing about this post even if they aren't on the wall. But you know I'm a sucker for crafts.

  6. wow those birds are beautiful ! xx


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