Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nails | Oxblood Polka Dot Nail Art

Last night I attempted polka dot nails for the second time with a nail art pen. While they're far from perfect thanks to my unsteady shaking hands (medication side effect) and my inability to file my nails properly, I'm pleased with the result.

They were so easy to do!

I painted two coats of a gorgeous oxblood red polish on to each nail. I used my new Barry M nail paint in Raspberry/273. The colour is so on trend for Autumn, but it's also such a classic colour, and one of my favourite Autumn hues.

Once the nails were dry, I used the Models Own nail art pen in white (bought from ASOS) to add dots to my nails using the pen nib found in the lid of the pen. These nail art pens also come with a fine nail polish brush for creating thicker lines and patterns.

The pen is roughly the size of a pin, and it's fairly easy to control the amount of nail polish you want to use- it's all to do with how hard you squeeze the tube. Squeezing very gently, I started in the middle of each nail spacing the dots out to create a line. I then followed the same rule in the adjacent rows, but attempted to place the dots in line with the gaps in the middle line, and continued to use this method to create alternating dots until the nail was finished.

The nail art pen can create tiny freckles, or big splodgy polka dots.

The nails are far from perfect. The polka dots aren't even, equally placed, or matching, but they were fun to create and quick to put together. Polka dots are an easy design for any nail art beginner to try, and an equally easy way to give your outfit a little something extra.

I know I'll be recreating this look with every colour in my collection.

Have you tried polka dot nails before?


  1. Love these I have the same pen very easy to use xx

    1. Thanks hun. They're really good, aren't they? So much easier than using the nail tools I have xx


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