Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nails | Grey and Teal Floral Nail Art

Yesterday evening I tried my hand at floral nails. I've never attempted them before, and the result was far from perfect, but they were fun to create and I'm sure with a bit of practise I'll be able to perfect the look.

I chose to alternate the nails with teal and grey nail polishes, and used white and blue nail art pens to create the flowers.

I used Barry M nail paints in Teal/334 and Grey/293, and Models Own WAH nail art pens in white and blue.

The teal Barry M is one of my latest buys. I was attracted to it because it looked like the sea. It's a little bluer than it appears in these photos, and it's absolutely stunning. It was a great investment for just £2.99, and I think this has earned a place in my favourites.

I painted three coats of this polish on alternating nails, leaving them to dry completely before beginning the flowers.

I've had the grey nail paint for over a year, and had barely used it. I had a brain wave on Sunday night about wearing it alongside the teal, so I excavated it from the nail drawer and the look was born.

Again, I painted three coats (but two would have been sufficient) on alternating nails, and left them to dry thoroughly.

To create the flowers, I used the white nail art pen to dot about six dots in a circle to create petals, and finished each flower with a blue dot to the centre. I painted them in different areas on each nail so they wouldn't look too matchy. 

I had a little difficulty overlapping the dots without causing them to bleed in to each other; a few of them turned in to smudged blobs due to my shaky hands. But, that's all part of the experience, and I'm happy with the result. They don't look too bad from a distance!

I made such a mess of my thumb nail! Oops. Oh well...

And voila! Grey and teal floral nails!

Have you tried or perfected floral nails yet? 

If you've got any tips I'd love to hear them!


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