Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nails | Rainbow Nails

Hey guys,

It's been quite a while since I last dedicated a post to my nails, which is quite frankly pathetic considering I paint my nails several times a week. I'm constantly picking up new shades and trying new brands. My nails transform in colour at least a couple of times a week. Simple treats like painting my nails make my days a little brighter. The thing is I tend to paint my nails in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, which makes for poor photos.

I'll try better, I promise!

Anyway, on Sunday night, I attempted to give myself a rainbow manicure; inspired by the image below which I found via Lauren Conrad's Pinterest.

I fell in love with this look the moment I saw it, so obviously I had to try it for myself...

And voila!

I'll admit, I didn't have the perfect shades of green or orange in my nail polish collection to create the perfect interpretation. I don't like the two shades of green in this look, as they're too metallic, and I had to use a coral to take the place of a pale tangerine. Apart from that, I think it's a fun look.

It took some concentration to make sure I applied the right colour to the right nail. I applied three coats to each nail, and finished one hand before I started on the other to avoid confusion.

On the left hand from left to right, I applied a coral (should ideally be orange here), yellow, green, cobalt blue, and an indigo blue. I later decided the indigo needed to be purple, and feeling lazy I just did a couple of coats over the top with a dark purple polish.

Left Hand

Left to right: (on nails and bottles):

I used all Barry M nail paints on this hand...

296 coral
307 lemon
284 emerald green
291 cobalt blue 
312 indigo/161 vivid purple

The right hand appeals to me more than the primary colours on the left hand.

Starting from the thumb, I used a bright red (my favourite!), orange (should ideally be a much lighter tangerine orange), light green, turquoise, and a med-dark purple. Again, I applied three coats to each.

 Right Hand

From left to right (on nails and bottles):

Barry M 262 bright red
Barry M 301 block orange
Inglot 319 
Rimmel 60 seconds 825 sky high
Barry M 303 bright purple

And again, this is the end result:

Probably the most fun and silly manicure I've ever given myself!

Painting your nails in all the colours of the rainbow is such an easy way to brighten up an outfit, or your mood! It's doesn't require any complicated artistic skills like most nail art, and is sure to make you feel about five years old by the time it's finished! I sure did, but hey, I don't take myself too seriously! I kept myself amused for an evening giving the look a try, and will definitely attempt it again once I pick up the green and tangerine colours I'm lacking.

Have you tried this fun look before?

If not, I urge you to give it a go, and satisfy your inner child with an explosion of colour!


  1. this is soo pretty! i just bought adrenaline by topshop which i'm dying to try, but after i've got that out my system i might get my housemates and i to pool colours and try and do this manicure haha! i think between us we'd probably have just about the right colours! is it bad that i think i'd get really confused with which colour goes on where lol? but anyway, amazing job xxx

    1. Thank you! Adrenaline looks so pretty! I'm sure you'll have enough colours to do a rainbow between you all, or just pick up some cheap polishes from Barry M or MUA etc. I had to line my polishes up in the right order for each hand before I started otherwise I would have ended up with them all on the wrong nails. Just use my pics for a guide if you get stuck. Thanks hun xx

  2. Such a fun and colourful way to do your nails xx

    1. It really is! I enjoyed brightening mine up xx


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