Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wednesday Wish List

Evening lovelies,
The likelihood of an outfit or make up post from me this week isn't looking likely. As I predicted, my morning of hospital appointments on Monday was more than I could handle, and I've not been able to sit or stand up since. I'm sure I'll be back in to my dresses really soon, but for now I'll try to keep bringing you other types of posts like this week's Wednesday Wish List. 

This week I've been drawn to lots of oxbloods, other reds, deep purples, greens, prints, and lace detailing. As the weather is beginning to turn a little Autumnal already, I'm day dreaming about deeper colours, warmer fabrics, and layering. I'm still in love with the two red ASOS dresses (5) and (8). I think I'll be purchasing one of them this week as they look perfect for Autumn, but I can't decide which I should buy first. Which one do you love more? The textured collar (9) is still high on my wish list, as well. I also love the deep purple victoriana blouse (7) from Dorothy Perkins- I'm a sucker for texture and a beautiful purple hue. Dorothy Perkins have some gorgeous dark coloured dresses right now such as (1) (2) (3) and (10) with beautiful and quirky prints. I'm loving the florals, leaves, keys, and especially the bunny print, which you can see in better detail below.

As a bunny lover, this one is screaming 'BUY ME!' Perfect for a bit of Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion!
Which piece is your favourite?

This past week I've also had beautiful stationery on the brain. I'm quite the sentimental soul, and have always loved sending and receiving a hand-written letter or note. I love my gadgets and the promptness of email and social networking, but it still saddens me that snail mail is becoming a thing of the past. I still send letters and cards to close friends, although not as often as I used to, and try to send thank you notes after I receive a gift. With Christmas fast approaching, I want to stock up on some new stationery to use when posting gifts.
I personally love Cath Kidston stationery, although I also love Paperchase to death, too. The notebooks are handy for blog planning, scribbling down reminders, plans, to do lists, or for a bit of creative writing. I already have the hardback notebook (7) for my Mission 101 list and bucket list, and it's so pretty on every page I want to pick up another. The labels and stickers look perfect for decorating mail and presents, while the letter writing stationery is so much prettier to get in the post than a boring plain white envelope. I've used sets like (2) before, in different designs and they really match my personality. The postcards would be great for sending a quick note to brighten someone's day.
And finally, the other thing which has caught my eye is Cath Kidston's Button Factory pack.

The set isn't out until November, but it's a kit for making your own fabric covered buttons! I'm going to have to buy this when it's out- I mean, how amazing would these buttons make a plain garment, such as a basic cardigan look? I really want to start trying a few more crafty projects so this could be a good one to start with!
Do you still write and send letters?
Do you love stationery as much as me?



  1. I love everything esp the bunny dress :) I tried that face mask i really didn't like it it smelt funny and would wash off I don't recommend xx

    1. I thought you'd like that one! Oh that's such a shame. Don't let it put you off trying other mud masks as they're usually so good! xx

    2. i won't I'm going to get some of those £1 ones you get in single sachets from superdrug xx

  2. i hope you feel better soon :( love a bit of cath kidston those buttons are super sweet! xxx

    1. Thanks hun. I'll be fine. Aren't they?! I want to put them on everything! Haha xx

    2. this is a tempting post - so many goodies! but the bow collar is calling me, i may have to purchase x


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