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Literary Listography: My Reading Life In Lists Book Review

Over the last year or so, I've expressed my love of the Listography books on several occasions here on Polka Spots and Freckle Dots, and I'm here to do it once more.

I recently added a sixth Listography book to my collection, the newly released Literary Listography: My Reading Life in Lists book, and as an avid reader and list-maker, I've been looking forward to this book for months! When I finally got my hands on a copy last week, I wasn't disappointed.

Like the others, Literary Listography is a fun creative journal book full of prompts to create lists from. In this case, all of the lists are reading themed, providing you with a place to record your reading life; the books you love, the authors you admire, the fictional characters you adore and so much more.

There are more than 70 lists spanning 160 pages, and they really have covered everything a book lover could ever wish to document.  I can't list them all, but here's a little taster of some of the lists the book has to offer.

Some of my favourite lists in the book include:

My top 20 most beloved books.
My favourite authors.
Dystopian books I love.
Books that made me cry.
Books I hope they make in to films.
Fictional characters I connected with.
Books I couldn't finish.
My favourite book covers.
Books I could pin a song to.
Favourite films adapted from books.

Each list is given a double page spread, with a water colour style illustration on one page, and the writing prompt and space to list on the other. 

Some pages have a full page of lines to write on..

 ...while some are split in to two columns.

There are also pages at the back of the book dedicated to favourite book beginnings and endings, favourite quotes and books to read before you die. These topics have been given three or four pages of writing space each, and one for the illustrations.

I love the beautiful watercolour illustrations. Just look how stunning the tiger is for Life of Pi!

The reason I love the Listography books is because they're fun to fill in and they get me thinking about a variety of different subjects, some I may never have given a lot of thought to before. I love documenting my life in this way; it's like creating my own autobiography through lists! I think the completed books would be interesting for family members to discover in fifty years time, stored away at the back of the cupboard with old photos and mementos. I know I would have loved to have found books like this filled in by my parents or grandparents. 

I can't wait to work my way through the Literary Listography. I've already filled in several lists, but I'm trying not to fill it in all in one go. I could happily sit for hours and work from list to list. I tend to pick up these books whenever I feel inspired and fill in a list or two at a time.

Literacy Listography: My Reading Life In Lists really is perfect for any book lover, and I think the selection of lists covers everything even the most book-obsessed person would hope to be included. It would be an ideal gift for any book lover, and an even better present for yourself!

Will you be picking up a copy of Literacy Listography?

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  1. The books so so neat and the illustrations are beautiful I'd not want to write in it to keep it that way! Xx

  2. These books are so fun and so beautifully illustrated too - I love the tiger:)


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