Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wednesday Wish List

Here's a few things I've been lusting after this week.

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I discovered an American handmade clothing, accessories, and jewellery brand called 'I'm Your Present' on Etsy this week, and I've fallen in love with their laser cut acrylic jewellery. These are just a few of my new favourites; there are so many other fantastic designs to choose from in their Etsy shop. I need those amazing Lisa Simpson Lizard Queen earrings in my life!

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I also love I'm Your Present's laser-cut acrylic Ariel necklace and earrings, and I have a feeling many of you will, too!

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Would you look at these gorgeous summery phone cases from Skinny Dip! The watermelon design is so fun and eye-catching, and that tropical parrot print case is just about the most beautiful phone case I've ever seen. I need to make it mine!

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Just when I thought Betsey Johnson's bags couldn't get any better, I find these; a triceratops novelty bag (I need it!) and a cactus-shaped backpack! Amazing! What will they think of next?

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I've been enjoying wearing a lot of black lately, and I can't help loving these pretty dresses from Dorothy Perkins Curve- especially that understated lace number. I think I could give them both a good home.

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Collectif always have the most beautiful dresses, and their new gingham and flamingo print Dolores swing dresses are both to die for. I'm not sure which print I love more!

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And since it wouldn't be a wish list without some Lindy Bop dresses, here are four new Lindy Bop frocks I've added to my ever-growing Lindy wish list this week. They're all so different in style, print, and colour, but all beautiful in their own right. My favourite has got to be the yellow gingham Audrey swing dress, although, the blue magpie print Kody tea dress is a close second. I already have the dress in raspberry, and it's stunning, stylish, and super comfortable, too.

If you'd like to see more of the fashion pieces on my wish list this week, check out my style wish list boards on Pinterest. You can also find all previous Wednesday Wish List posts here.

Has anything caught your eye this week?

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