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101+ Summer Blog Post Ideas

I think it's safe to say that summer has well and truly arrived here in the northern hemisphere. The sun is shining, the sky is an endless stroke of blue, and my home feels like the fiery furnace of hell. 

We're currently basking in a scorching 30'C heatwave here in England, and while the sunshine is glorious, I'm not loving the heat and the humidity so much. I feel soooo uncomfortable right now. I'm  seriously thinking about setting up camp in the freezer, and staying there 'til Autumn arrives.

I might not enjoy the summer heat, but there are lots of things about summer that I love, like taking holidays, trips to the beach, having barbecues and picnics, going to outdoor gigs, the long hours of daylight, and so much more. If you're a blogger, I'm sure you'll agree that one of great things about summer is having no shortage of day light for capturing all those blog photos, and also having so many fun topics to blog about. From blogging about your summer travels, to shooting fun summer outfits, creating colourful festival-friendly make up looks, and sharing delicious summer recipes, the possibilities for summer blog content are endless. Really, we're only limited by our imagination, and the adventures and experiences we have this summer. It's the time of year when we can really have fun with our blog content, and I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to creating my summer posts over the next couple of months.

If you're planning your blog's summer content and are stuck for ideas, don't worry; I've compiled a list of 130 summer blog post ideas to give you some inspiration. (I was planning to stop at 101, but I figured it might be helpful to share the other 29 I came up with, too). There are all kinds of ideas on the list from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and travel, so there's something for all kinds of different blogging niches here. Feel free to use as many of these ideas on your blog, vlog, or social media pages as you'd like, and to interpret them however you like. I hope they help you create some killer summer content!

Here are 130 things to blog about this summer...

1. Your summer bucket list / goals for summer.
2. A look back on how many of your summer goals you achieved. (And how many you didn't).
3. 10 / 25 / 50 things everyone should do before the summer is through. (An essential summer bucket list).
4. A Day In The Life, summer edition- share photos of what you got up to during one summer's day.
5. Photo An Hour, summer edition- take a photo every waking hour of your day and compile them in a post.
6. A list of free or inexpensive ways to have fun this summer.
7. Fun ways to enjoy the light summer evenings.
8. How to have a great summer with chronic pain / illness.
9. Tips for keeping cool in the heat.
10. How to sleep in the heat.
11. Tips for surviving weddings if you're shy, introverted, and / or social anxious.
12. Share your summer homeware wish list.

13. Talk about your summer holiday plans; where are you going?
14. Blog about your summer holiday adventures.
15. Write about any summer day trips or adventures you take.
16. Share your travel bucket list.
17. 5 / 10 places to visit in your area this summer.
18. Best places to visit in your country this summer.
19. How to have a great holiday without going abroad.
20. Tips for saving for your holiday.
21. How to make some extra cash for your holiday.
22. How to travel on a budget.
23. How to book cheap holidays / hotels / flights.
24. Tips for booking last-minute holidays.
25. Travelling tips.
26. Tips for travelling with chronic pain / illness / disability.
27. Tips for travelling with children / pets.
28. Tips for taking an epic road trip.
29. How to have a great staycation.
30. Ideas for things to do on staycation.
31. Your summer travel essentials.
32. How to pack for a week / fortnight with just a carry-on.
33. How to effectively pack a suitcase.
34. What's in my carry-on?- Show your readers what you've packed in your carry-on bag.
35. What's in my suitcase?- Give your readers a peek at what you've packed in your suitcase.
36. The best holiday you ever had.
37. The worst holiday you ever had.

38. Share your summer playlist.
39. Talk about your favourite summer movies.
40. The best TV shows to binge watch this summer.
41. Your favourite summer reads.
42. Reviews of books you read over the summer.
43. Are you setting yourself a summer reading challenge? Blog about it!
44. What you're currently reading / watching / listening to.
45. A low down on this year's best summer festivals / gigs .
46. What to pack for a festival and what to leave behind.
47. Blog about a festival you go to.

48. Share your favourite barbecue recipes.
49. Write about your favourite picnic recipes.
50. Blog some amazing summer recipes.
51. Share your favourite summer cocktail recipes.
52. How to throw the perfect barbecue.
53. How to throw the perfect picnic.
54. Write about a meal you had at a cafe or restaurant this summer.
55. Review a summer menu at a cafe or restaurant.
56. Talk about the best places to grab a bite in your area this summer.

Crafts and Hobbies
57. Share photos of any crafts you've been working on.
58. Blog some summer craft DIYs.
59/ Americans- share your 4th of July craft DIYs.
60. Share your summer photography tips.
61. What craft supplies you pack for your travels.
62. Give your readers a peek at your summer bullet journal pages.
63. Blog your summer stationery haul.
64. Put together a summery stationery wish list.

65. A list of 50 / 101 summer blog post ideas.
66. The best summer photo props for your blog and social media photos.
67. How to stay productive in the heat.
68. Put together a summer Instagram round up of photos you've taken during the summer.
69. Share some summer Instagram 'Insta-stories' ideas.
70. Create and share some summer Insta-stories templates for your readers to use.

Body Positivity
71. Compile your body confidence tips for summer.
72. Advice on how to cope with body-shaming this summer.
73. How to deal with body-shaming people at weddings (whether you're the guest or the bride / groom).
74. How to treat fat people like humans (IE. with respect) this summer- and every day of the year.
75. How to love those summer freckles.
76. How to stay cool in the heat while staying covered up (for those who don't feel comfortable flashing the flesh).
77. How to bare your arms and legs with confidence this summer.
78. How to rock that bikini or fatkini this summer.
79. Share your anti-chafing tips and favourite anti-chafing products.

80. Share all of those wonderful summer outfits you've been wearing.
81. Tips and ideas for beach to bar / office to beer garden outfits.
82. Wedding outfit ideas.
83. Share your summer fashion wish list.
84. Put together a summer fashion haul.
85. Blog your pre-holiday fashion haul- the clothes and accessories you bought to take on holiday.
86. Your pick of the best sundresses for summer.
87. The best beach bags for summer.
88. The best bikins / fatkinis to choose from this year.
89. The best one-piece swimsuits for all sizes.
90. This season's best summer sandals.
91. The best summer flip flops this year.
92. The best sunglasses out there this summer.
93. Talk about summer's top trends and your favourite pieces for each one.
94. How to make the summer's trends work for you if you're plus size.
95. Your favourite fruity fashion pieces.
96. Share photos of your favourite summer jewellery and accessories.
97. Do a 'What's In My Bag?' post.
98. Give your readers a peek at what's in your beach bag.
99. Show everyone what your summer handbag essentials are.
100. Compile some summer outfit inspiration (from plus size and straight size fashionistas).

101. Share your summer beauty haul.
102. Show us your pre-holiday beauty haul- the beauty products you bought to take on holiday.
103. Put together a summer beauty wish list.
104. Reveal what's in your holiday make up bag.
105. Give everyone a peek at what's in your holiday wash bag.
106. Talk about the best sun / sea / swim hair products.
107. Write about the best cooling products for your skin this summer.
108. Give your two cents on the best SPFs out there this year.
109. Tell us about the best heat / sweat resistant make up products for summer.
110. Write about your favourite summer skincare products.
111. Talk about your favourite summer fragrances.
112. Your favourite eyeshadow palettes for summer (new or old).
113. Share your own festival make up tutorial.
114. Share some summer make up tutorials.
115. Create a summery nail art tutorial.
116. Share some summer nail art ideas / inspiration.
117. Write about the best nail polishes for summer.
118. Tips on how to do your own pedicure and get your feet ready for sandal season.
119. Talk about this summer's latest beauty releases.
120. The best travel-sized make up brush sets.
121. Share some effortless summer hair tutorials.
122. Your tips for treating sun burnt skin, and the best products to use to relieve the burn.

123. Share your knowledge of great places to visit with your dog.
124. Blog about any adventures you take with your pet(s) this summer.
125. Write tips on how to keep pets comfortable and safe in the heat.
126. Share recipes for dog ice lollies.
127. Best places to take your dog for doggie ice cream.
128. How to keep your dog / cat / pet calm during a thunderstorm or air show (if you live near an air field).
129. Dog friendly beaches to take your four-legged friends to this summer.
130. What to pack for your pet for your travels.

And those are 130 things you can blog about this summer.

I hope this post has given you a little inspiration, and helps you create some amazing summer content your readers will love.

What kind of content do you most enjoy reading on blogs during the summer months?

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