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200 Christmas Blog Post Ideas For Bloggers

Now that Halloween is out of the way and December is a mere twenty seven days away, my thoughts have turned to Christmas, and I'm already busy preparing for the festive season. I've already started my Christmas shopping and purchased my Christmas craft supplies, and I've even began preparing my Christmas blog content.

Christmas is such a hectic time of the year that I like to get some of my blog content organised and scheduled ahead of time so that I have more time in December to wrap presents, deck the halls, and just enjoy the festivities with my family. I already have a few posts scheduled, and others planned out, and I also have plenty of ideas ready to use when inspiration strikes. 

If you don't have anything planned yet, don't worry, I'm here to share a huge list of Christmas blog post ideas that you can use and interpret on your blog any way you want! There are all kinds of different festive topics on the list, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, food, and more, so there's something for all kinds of bloggers here, and enough ideas to have you covered for the whole festive season! There are 200 ideas on the list in total- I was going to stop at 101, but when I realised I'd brainstormed far more, I thought it might help you guys out if I shared them all, so that's what I've done- and I hope they help inspire some killer Christmas content!

Here are my 200 Christmas blog post ideas:


1. Your goals for the Christmas season.
2. 50 / 101 Christmas blog post ideas.
3. 50 / 101 things to do this Christmas.
4. Fun things to do at Christmas that don't cost any / much money.
5. How to do Christmas on a budget.
6. How to make some extra cash in time for Christmas.
7. Your Christmas shopping tips.
8. How to get in to the festive spirit.
9. How to have the most festive day ever.
10. How to have the perfect Christmas night in.
11. How to relax and unwind during the stressful Christmas season.
12. How to make time for yourself at Christmas.
13. Photos taken while decorating your tree.
14. A home / room tour of your home decorated for Christmas.
15. A Christmas decorations haul.
16. Review the Christmas decorations you bought.
17. Put together a Christmas homeware / decorations wish list.
18. How to decorate your home for Christmas if you've no room for a Christmas tree.
19. Your Christmas list.
20. Your Christmas traditions.
21. Your favourite Christmas decorations and why they're important to you.
22. Your favourite Christmas memories.
23. Your past Christmas disasters.
24. Your favourite things about Christmas.
25. Your least favourite things about Christmas.
26. Why you love or hate Christmas.
27. What Christmas means to you.
28. How your Christmas differs to when you were growing up.
29. The best Christmas present you've ever received.
30. The worst Christmas present you've ever received.
31. It wouldn't be Christmas without...
32. Complete a Christmas tag post.
33. How you celebrate Christmas in your part of the world.
34. How you spent the holidays.
35. What you got for Christmas haul.
36. If you have a white Christmas, blog photos of the snow, and the fun you have in it.
37. Have you ever had a white Christmas? Talk about it.
38. Photos of your pet dressed up for Christmas.
39. How to shop the sales.
40. An Instagram round-up of what you got up to in December.
41. Create an Instagram Christmas challenge and encourage your followers to join in.
42. Host a Christmas giveaway.
43. Tips for juggling blogging during the festive season.
44. Write a Christmas survival guide.
45. How to get through Christmas with an illness, disability, injury, or mental illness.
46. How to get through Christmas if you're shy or introverted.
47. How to spend time with disapproving relatives over Christmas without committing murder.
48. How to survive working retail at Christmas.
49. How to tackle Christmas shopping in store without breaking a sweat.
50. What to put in a Christmas emergency kit, so you're prepared for anything over the holidays.
51. How to make Christmas special for a sick or injured loved one in hospital or on bed rest.
52. How to enjoy Christmas on bed rest.


53. Review a Christmas novel like Little Women or A Christmas Carol.
54. Review an adult Christmas colouring book.
55. Your favourite Christmas books.
56. Your favourite Christmas films.
57. Your favourite Christmas TV specials.
58. Your favourite Christmas tunes.
59. Share your Christmas playlist.
60. The best festive films to see at the cinema this Christmas.
61. The best festive shows to see at the theatre this Christmas.
62. The best pantomimes to see this Christmas.
63. The best board games to play as a family at Christmas time.

Crafting and Creating

64. Share a Christmas craft you've been working on.
65. Share a Christmas craft DIY.
66. How to make your own Christmas crackers and what to fill them with.
67. How to make your own Christmas cards.
68. How to make your own Christmas gift tags.
69. How to make your own Christmas wrapping paper.
70. How to make Christmas hoop art.
71. How to make a Christmas stocking.
72. How to knit / crochet something festive.
73. How to make an Advent calendar.
74. What to fill Advent calendars with.
75. Christmas gift wrapping ideas / tutorials.
76. Share your Christmas craft haul.
77. Share some Christmas art journaling you've been doing.
78. Share some Christmas art you've made.
79. Share some Christmas creative writing you've written.
80. How to add bokeh to your Christmas tree / Christmas lights photos.
81. Photography tips for perfect Christmas photos.
82. A list of great Christmas blog photo props.
83. Share a Christmas printable.

Gifting and Giving

84. Put together a Christmas gift guide for the whole family under £50 / £25 / £10 / £5.
85. Gift ideas for the Secret Santa.
86. Stocking filler gift ideas for the whole family.
87. Perfect gifts for your blogger friends.
88. The perfect gifts to give a fashionista.
89. What to give the person who has everything.
90. The best Christmas presents to give your pets this Christmas.
91. How to put together the perfect Christmas hamper.
92. What to put in a Christmas Eve box.
93. What's in your Christmas Eve box.
94. Alternative ways to give this Christmas.
95. A list of random acts of kindness to do for others this Christmas.
96. Ways to help people in need this Christmas.
97. What to put in a shoe-box parcel for a person in need overseas.
98. Where to find support for people suffering from mental health at Christmas.


99. Blog about the festive trips / days out you experience this Christmas.
100. The best places to visit at Christmas.
101. The best places to visit in your area at Christmas.
102. The best places to go ice skating.
103. The best Christmas markets to visit.
104. The best places for Christmas shopping.
105. The best Christmas lights to go see.
106. Tips for travelling at Christmas time.
107. Money saving Christmas travel tips.
108. Tips for travelling with a chronic illness / illness / injury / disability / anxiety at Christmas time.
109. Places you'd love to visit at Christmas time.
110. Photos of the Christmas lights in your area.
111. The most magical Christmas holiday destinations.
112. Where to travel to experience a white Christmas.
113. Past Christmas travel stories.
114. Past Christmas travel nightmares.


115. Share a Christmas family recipe.
116. Your mince pies recipe.
117. Your Christmas cake recipe.
118. Your Christmas pudding recipe.
119. Your Christmas cookies recipe,
120. A Christmas cupcake recipe.
121. A gingerbread recipe.
122. How to make a gingerbread house.
123. Gingerbread house decorating ideas / tutorials.
124. Christmas cookie decorating ideas / tutorials.
125. How to cook the perfect roast turkey.
126. Christmas dinner showstoppers for vegetarians and vegans (or other special diet).
127. What's on your Christmas Day menu.
128. How to make sloe gin.
129. How to make your own egg nog.
130. How to make your own mulled wine.
131. How to put together a Christmas foodie hamper.
132. Recipes for foodie hampers.
133. Review a Christmas menu at a restaurant.


134. Your Christmas OOTDs.
135. Christmas get ready with me.
136. Killer Christmas outfits for under £50 / £75 / £100.
137. Outfit ideas for the Christmas party / Christmas Eve / Christmas Day / NYE.
138. Day to night / office to bar Christmas outfit ideas.
139. How to find the perfect Christmas outfit without spending a fortune.
140. How to style a little black dress for Christmas.
141. What to wear on Christmas Day.
142. How to wear glitter and sequins without looking like a pre-teen at a disco.
143. How to look stylish in a Christmas jumper.
144. Best festive pyjamas and slippers for Christmas Eve.
145. The best party dresses to wear this Christmas.
146. The best Christmas jumpers to choose from this year.
147. The best festive accessories available this Christmas.
148. The best party shoes available this season.
149. Your Christmas novelty bag collection.
150. Your Christmas jewellery collection.
151. Your Christmas jumper collection.
152. What's in your festive bag?
153. What's in your Christmas travel bag?
154. Put together a Christmas-themed Wednesday Wish List or Friday Favourites.
155. Your fashion picks from the pre-Christmas / Boxing Day sales.
156. Your Christmas sales haul.
157. Clothing essentials for your Christmas travels.


158. A round up post of all the beauty Advent calendars available this year.
159. Your beauty Advent calendar unboxing.
160. Do a daily or weekly reveal of what's in your beauty Advent calendar.
161. Review your beauty Advent calendar.
162. A round up of all of the beauty Christmas crackers available this year.
163. A Lush Christmas haul and reviews.
164. A Body Shop Christmas haul and reviews.
165. Day to night festive make up looks.
166. Quick and easy Christmas make up looks.
167. Your Christmas Day make up routine.
168. Your Christmas party make up looks.
169. Christmas make up 'get ready with me'.
170. Christmas make up bag essentials / favourites.
171. A Christmas nail art tutorial.
172. A Christmas eye make up tutorial.
173. A Christmas hair-do tutorial.
174. The best nail polish shades for Christmas.
175. The best glittery nail polishes for the Christmas season.
176. The best lipsticks for Christmas.
177. The best glitter eyeliners for Christmas.
178. The best eye make up palettes for Christmas.
179. The best beauty sets available this Christmas.
180. A Christmas beauty wish list.
181. Your favourite fragrances for Christmas time.
182. Your favourite candles for the Christmas season.
183. The best beauty gifts for under £10 / £25 / £50 / £100.
184. Best beauty stocking fillers.

New Year's

185. The best places to experience NYE.
186. Where would you like to celebrate NYE one day?
187. Ways to celebrate New Year's.
188. How to do New Year's Eve on a budget.
189. How to have the perfect NYE night in.
190. How to throw a New Year's Eve / Day party.
191. New Year's Eve decor ideas / tutorials.
192. Share a recipe for NYE.
193. NYE party outfits.
194. NYE make up looks / ideas / tutorials.
195. What you wore on NYE / NYD.
196. How you spent New Year's.
197. A round up of your favourite posts of the year.
198. Look back on the year, and where it has taken you.
199. Did you achieve your New Year's resolutions? Blog about what you achieved or didn't achieve.
200. Your New Year's resolutions for 2018.

Feel free to use as many prompts as you like, and to share the post with anyone who might find it helpful!

What are your favourite kind of posts to blog or read about at Christmas time?


I love reading all your lovely comments, so don't be afraid to leave me a comment or a question below! I'll do my best to reply ASAP!

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