Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Wednesday Wish List

This week I've been coveting...

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These hand-crafted ballet pumps from Love From Hetty and Dave look amazing! The cute applique motifs over the toes are all hand-stitched, and the designs are all so lovely. I can't decide which pair I love best.

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Love From Hetty and Dave's hand-crafted jewellery are wonderful, too.

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These Lindy Bop dresses are gorgeous, especially the polka dot numbers. They're labelled as 'new in', but I think they've all old designs back in stock.

I love this velvet heart cardigan from Collectif. It even has heart buttons!

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These dresses from Dorothy Perkins Curve are all so pretty. They're perfect for transitioning in to Autumn.

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I love these new bags from River Island, especially the patchwork tote.

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These 'Whiplash' heels from Irregular Choice are so beautiful.

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This PJ set, and nightie from ASOS Curve are both so cute, and they look super comfy, too.

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I don't usually go for prim and proper, lady-like, structured bags, but I really like these designs from Ted Baker.

1 // 2

And finally, I love this Lulu Guinness kooky cat orb clutch bag, and this mermaid pouch from ASOS.

If you'd like to see more of the fashion pieces that catch my eye each week, check out my style wish list boards on Pinterest

What's on your wish list this week?


  1. Those shoes with applique are so AMAZING! I want a pair (but like you I'm not sure which ones I like best!). Also that Collectif cardi with the velvet hart and heart buttons is BEAUTIFUL! If only postage from the UK wasn't so expensive :(

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  3. Wow. I think I'd put all of these on my wish list too! I adore the shoes, particularly the cat ones as I used to have a leopard print pair with little ears which I wore to death and could never find ones quite like them again. That handmade jewellery is simply stunning and I love those 50s style dresses. I've just done a piece on vintage style swimwear available on the high street which have the same sort of style as these dresses, you might want to take a look. I love those Irregular choice shoes and the super comfy pjs. Those bags are gorgeous and can be good when wearing a dress or outfit with a really wacky print or loads of colour,just to tone it down a little. Some great finds! XxxX

  4. My husband is getting me the fox shoes for Christmas- they will match my Hetty and Dave fox collar!

  5. Oh my golly gosh! Those shoes at the top of the post! AMAZING!


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