Thursday, 25 December 2014

List- It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without...

Merry Christmas guys! It's finally here!

I hope you're all having a good one so far, or had a great xmas day yesterday if you live on the other side of the world. And for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, happy Thursday! 

I've put together a fun, light-hearted post today, since most of us will be too busy to spend much time online. It's a list of things that I associate with Christmas; things that happen every December and things it just wouldn't be Christmas without- good or bad.

♥ Putting the tree up as early as possible in December... but never before the 1st.
♥ Decorating the tree while listening to the album '100% Christmas'. (We've done so since '94!)
♥ Decorating the mantle with fir branches, pinecones, and other natural decorations.
♥ Getting sentimental over old Christmas decorations when we decorate the tree.
♥ Watching Santa Claus the Movie a million times.
♥ Screaming "IT'S CHRISTMAAAAASSSSS!!!" at least once. Don't pretend you've never done it!
♥ The Coca Cola Christmas advert.
♥ Attending my town's turning-on-of-the-lights event. (Although I've missed the last few years).
♥ Driving around to look for Christmas lights.
♥ Making my apple and blackberry trifle, and a cheesecake on Christmas Eve.
♥ Going to our annual Christmas Eve party at my Auntie's.
♥ Driving to and from the annual Christmas family gathering with a Christmas CD playing, while we watch out for Christmas lights.
♥ Going Christmas shopping and coming home with aches and pains everywhere, and bruised wrists from too many shopping bags.
♥ The smell of turkey and stuffing roasting in the oven on Xmas day.
♥ Being made to wrap up all of my Dad's presents to my Mum.
♥ Wanting to murder people in the supermarket during the Christmas food shop.
♥ Watching The Vicar of Dibley's 'Christmas Lunch Incident'.
♥ Wrapping presents beautifully while listening to festive tunes or watching a Christmas movie or two. Or three or four...
♥ The smell of real Christmas trees and fir branches.
♥ Listening to lots of festive tunes throughout the festive season.
♥ Baking on Christmas Eve.
♥ Laughing until my sides hurt during Christmas dinner.
♥ Indulging in a few Cadbury's Roses.
♥ Indulging in a hot chocolate or two from Costa.
♥ Making Christmas Crackers from a Hobbycraft kit and filling them with lovely treats.
♥ Buying Christmas cards from Paperchase. They make the best cards!
♥ Lush's Christmas range. I can barely remember a Christmas without it! I get some every year.
♥ Buying or receiving new PJs and slippers. An ideal ensemble for after eating way too much Christmas food!
♥ Watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special. It never gets old! "Six months?!"
♥ Tills crashing on the busiest shopping days known to man.
♥ Wearing a paper crown and groaning at bad recycled jokes.
♥ The smiles on loved ones faces when they open the presents you got so right.
♥ Visiting a garden centre or department store to buy new decorations, and to soak up the festive atmosphere in the Christmas department.
♥ Fairy lights! Fairy lights make everything better. Fact.
♥ Watching Home Alone and Home Alone 2.
♥ Hearing the Home Alone theme tune.
♥ Spending dark December evenings crafting Christmassy things.
♥ Lots of Christmas movie marathons.
♥ Seeing a concert, play, musical, and / or pantomime at the theatre..
♥ Adding at least one new decoration to the collection.
♥ Watching a Tim Allen Christmas movie... whether you want to or not!
♥ Watching Love Actually at least once.
♥ Singing along to The Pogues.
♥ Having at least one young kid trying to Christmas carol door to door for money. Give them a quid, and tell them to bugger off!
♥ Having your life choices judged at every gathering. (Yeah, thanks, distant relative, I'm already aware that my life isn't perfect but it's MY life, and I'll live it however I damn well please.)
♥ Reading A Christmas Carol.
♥ At least one bust up between friends or relatives who can't stand each other.
♥ Sound tracking the season with festive music.
♥ Christmas shopping at the crack of dawn to avoid the crowds.
♥ Writing Christmas cards to people you've not said two words to in fifteen years.
♥ My Mum's sage and onion stuffing; she makes it with sausage-meat, and it's the best stuffing ever.
♥ Crying at Noel's Christmas Presents.
♥ Wearing Christmas jumpers at every opportunity.
♥ Drinking before midday.
♥ Food comas.
♥ Claiming you'll never ever  eat anything again after eating way too much Christmas food..
♥ ...but still managing to eat cake or chocolate for breakfast on Boxing Day.
♥ Watching The Snowman on Christmas Eve. It always brings back a ton of memories of childhood Christmas Eve excitement.
♥ The John Lewis Christmas advert.
♥ Seeing the old Toys 'R' Us advert from the nineties.
♥ Playing board games on Christmas Day.
♥ Getting sellotape everywhere but on the right part of the wrapping paper.
♥ Wearing glitter nail polish at every opportunity.
♥ Wearing velvet, lace, sequins, and / or glitter to a Christmas party.
♥ The Body Shop's Cranberry range.
♥ Getting a new Christmas Dress to wear on Christmas Day.
♥ Watching Christmas With The Kranks, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, The Family Stone, Elf, Deck The Halls, The Holiday, A Christmas Carol, The Santa Clause, The Polar Express, Meet Me in St Louis...

... I could keep listing for hours!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a few drinks for me!



  1. Love this list. Fairy lights are the best and do make everything better! I love fairy tale of New york and have to watch home alone and Vicar of Dibley, it wouldn't be christmas without them. I hope you had a good day x.

  2. I absolutely love this list, it's certainly longer than mine but I probably should have put most of what you added onto it as well. For me, it's not Christmas without snow and yet this year while being down under, it's come and gone. Good food, good times but missing my family just a bit. That being said, I think the holidays are about being around those who care about you, whether it's family, friends or host families in different parts of the globe. It seems like your holidays are going swell. Cheers Louise!

  3. Merry xmas i hope you had a fabulous one lovely xx


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