Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Favourites #93

Hey guys,

Who's ready for some Sunday favourites?

I love this tutorial for DIY fruit slice umbrellas.

This eye make up look is gorgeous.

This pastel look is so pretty; I want to give it a try!

A Korean artist called Jee Young Lee creates amazing dreamscapes in her Seoul studio, spending weeks or months creating these incredible scenes before adding herself to the scene and shooting photos.

This birthday party ice cream cake looks almost too sweet to eat.

I'm in love with this lady's blue ombre curls.

Here's one all you aspiring mermaids will love: in the Philippines, there's a school where men and women alike can learn the art of mermaiding! I can't decide if this is hilarious or awesome...

If that wasn't bizarre enough for you, this one certainly will be: in China, a green-grocer is attracting business and plenty of attention by dressing his peaches up in custom-made lingerie! I've seen everything now!

While in Florida, this lady regularly cuddles up with the two pet tigers she keeps in her garden...

In Thailand, the basement of an abandoned mall is home to a thriving self-sustaining ecosystem including hundreds of fish.

This brave man swam out to sea to stop a bear from drowning.

These hot fudge brownie ice cream sundae cones look delicious!

I love Sasha Unisex's unicorn tattoo design.

This! Our recent heatwave has been pretty much unbearable, and nobody should be body shamed for wearing an outfit that keeps them from passing out or sweating to death from the heat. Wear whatever you need to stay comfortable; don't suffer in the heat in case your body offends a narrow-minded arsehole. 


So true!

And some other things you might enjoy...

♥ "Just Because I Write A Fashion Blog..." Char wrote a light-hearted post about why she doesn't fit the fashion blogger stereotype. I related!

♥ Nancy said "screw you!" to the plus size "rules" in her post: "but seriously... if you're fat, you can still wear whatever you want". Hell, yes!

♥ I got a serious case of wanderlust from reading Reese's second post about her trip to Tokyo.

♥ I shared these body positive images some time ago, but anything that promotes body positivity deserves to be shared again.

♥ A mother of two found a photo of herself in a bathing suit on her phone, taken by one her children at the beach. Like most women, she saw her body with self-loathing and disgust... that was until her children helped her to see herself through their eyes. So heart-warming and inspiring!

♥ 14 things that are only okay when your sister does them... and to be honest, even then they actually aren't okay, but you just don't have a choice!

♥ 16 doctors on the dumbest patients they have ever treated. Surely there aren't people that dumb out there?

♥ 25 beauty quotes to inspire you. There are some good ones in the mix.

♥ 25 beauty tricks every girl should know by age 25, and if you don't, well, it's never too late to learn a few new tricks. I would never have thought of applying clear deodorant to my feet to prevent blisters!

♥ 30 things we all did in primary school. At least, this is what primary school was like for me in the early to mid nineties!

♥ 31 haunting images of abandoned places that will give you goosebumps. Well, I'm not sure about that, but there's some interesting images to mill over.

♥ 37 times when one tiny grammar or spelling fail ruined everything. That one comma does make a difference!

♥ If you want to make somebody's day, try using one of these 101 easy ideas for random acts of kindness

♥ If you want to do something good for animals instead, here's a list of ways to help save animals.

♥ I read The fault in our media, a piece about how The Fault in Our Stars represented disabilities, with interest. 

♥ This baby sealion leapt in to a boat and spent an hour cuddling up to his new human friends. If you love animals, the video is guaranteed to make you smile.

♥ I loved watching this video of a fox playing with his owner. I'll never understand people who don't like foxes because they're bloody adorable!

♥ There are millions of cute animal videos on the net, but have you ever seen an armadillo playing with a toy bear? It's the cutest thing ever!

♥ A bear from a Budapest zoo saved a crow from drowning and unsurprisingly, the moment was caught on video. 

♥ Shit only people working in retail will understand. I worked in retail for a decade and can relate to almost the entire post. I was always so stressed out! Why do so many people lose their manners, common-sense, and thought for others when they walk in to a shop and become customers? Do they do it on purpose, or are they actually that rude and ignorant all the time?? Why must they let their feral kids run free and trash everything? Why?

and, finally,

♥ This bank's ATM surprised its customers in the most incredibly touching way. What a lovely way to reward loyal customers! Mr bank manager, please take note! Haha!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!



  1. Those 37 spelling and grammar mistakes had me in tears of laughter! x x

  2. I love that an old mall has become its own ecosystem - that's just awesome. I also love Jee Young Lee's work - how amazing.

  3. Thanks for the link and I do love these round up posts! I'm glad you were able to relate to my post as well.

  4. Now I want ice cream cake and to go to mermaid school! Xx


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