Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Favourites #54

Hey guys,

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. Here's this week's favourites to get your Sunday started... Enjoy...


Rainbow eye make up is the best kind of rainbow!

Although rainbow cake in a jar comes a close second!

I love this idea of marking a wedding or another big event with a finger print tree of the guests' finger prints.

Simple but pretty gift wrap.

So true.

I know I'm not the only one who had some of these back in the nineties!

This make up look is stunning.

I can't stop looking at all the pretty little things.

Bac Son Valley in Vietnam looks so beautiful!

I wish my hair looked like hers.

This Dad is awesome!

Can this be in my kitchen, please?

I adore these milkmaid braids.


I don't like crepes, but these violet crepes look so pretty! I'm a sucker for pansies and violas.

This tattoo is gorgeous.

Can I adopt this little guy??

The Dolphin Experience: now catering to canines!


I love the idea of creating an advent calendar like this one.

Pretty living room.

I want a baby badger! Or six. Y'know, before they get vicious and want to tear my throat out.

I wouldn't do the eyebrows, but this make up look is stunning.

Funniest costume ever! 

This Autumn leaf cupcake looks so pretty.

I'd love to sit before that view and paint it.

How NOT to get hired by Cadbury!

Whale gift wrap! I want to give this a go!

Love the confetti wall statement.


War Kitties in Hammocks.

How cute are these cards?


This made me laugh! There must have been a lot of concussions...

~ These GIFS showing a pelican casually eating a pigeon alive are f-ing scary! Beware of the pelicans, they're not as cute as they look! And all this time, we've been afraid of sharks and spiders! It's been the pelicans all along...

~ Here's a shed load of stunning eye make up looks I've fallen in love with: these pretty green eyes, this pastel blue and green look, glittery green and purple eyes, this fiery look, this fiery look "Acidic Poison", this green, black, and purple look "Cosmic Monsters", purple, green, and tribal, this green and yellow look "Citreuse Greenery", and these polka dot and glittery lined eyes.

~ 101 Most Magnificent Places Made By Nature or Man. Part One, Part Two, Part Three. They weren't lying; there are so many beauties to be seen.

~ Want to know what body positivity is really about? Then I'd recommend checking out Body Positivity: A Beginner's Guide

~ The Tattooed Tealady opens up about bullying in the wake of yet another bullied teenager's suicide.

~ Fancy Fine blogger Ashley Ording did an apartment tour for Teen Vogue, and her home is adorable.

~ I love these 24 Cute and Incredibly Useful Gift Wrap Ideas. Perfect for some pre-Christmas inspiration.

~ Fancy a giggle? Then have a look at this post: 21 Restaurants That Clearly Have a Sense of Humour.

Phew! After all that, I think I need a lie down!



  1. Louise, thank you! you posted earlier woop!!you are a Legend!!
    you know I will be back later! this is awesome, so so many good things and you have earned a lie down! you would definitely suit your hair with pink tips, and the badgers made me laugh, and the Cadbury rejection letter, too too funny! the kitties in hammocks are too sweet and the Dad who dressed up so his little girl could be the top dad x x

    1. I've decided to schedule these Sunday posts for 8am for those of you who want to read before work! Especially for you! I don't think I'd have ombre hair, but the look is cute, and I'd love a pet badger. It's a shame they're wild and dangerous! Lol. And the dad and daughter outfits are the cutest thing ever, aren't they! Glad you enjoyed it xx

  2. omg all the animal this week cuteness!! hope your having a good weekend xx

    1. Knew you'd enjoy those! Been ill in bed all weekend, so it's been a crap one, but hope yours has been better! xx

  3. Great selection there as always Louise! Especially love the dad and daughter photo :)

    1. Thanks, Vicky! The dad and daughter photo is too adorable for words! xx

  4. some of the pics are just so pretty :)


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