Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday Favourites #53

Happy Sunday guys!

I'll start this week's Serendipity Sunday post by apologising for the silence on this blog these last few days. It's been one of those weeks.  

I've been feeling a bit under the weather while also suffering from a case of writer's block. The ideas have been there waiting to be interpreted, but I've not had the energy, the inspiration, or the will to write. I've mostly been curled up like a burrito reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and scrolling aimlessly through things online in between. But, I'm back today with this week's favourites, and hopefully it'll help me get back in to the swing of things. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy these lovely images and links...

I'm in love with this lady's tattoos, but especially all the little sea life creatures on her right arm. It's definitely given me some more ideas for future tattoos. (I'll have no bare skin left by the time I'm finished)!

Instead of carving a jack-o-lantern, why not decorate it with coloured drawing pins instead?

I LOVE this idea of making pom-poms out of tulle and turning them in to a garland. I'm very tempted to make some! Wouldn't they look pretty over a dressing table? I also think they'd make cute Christmas decorations if made from festive colours!

This outfit worn by Kate of Scathingly Brilliant is the loveliest ensemble I've seen in a while. I love the colours together, the textures, the ribbon belt... it's perfect. 

This reading corner looks so cosy. I especially like the lanterns and garlands hanging together from the ceiling.

This look makes me think of a particularly beautiful sun set.

Rainbow cake! One of these days I want to try to make one.

Pretty purple manicure.

Chickens in sweaters!!

This purple make up look is stunning.

I wish my hair looked like this.

Halloween is almost here!

This scene is just so human!

This may be the cutest thing ever... I will call him my squishy and he will be mine and he shall be my squishy.

This incredible photo, along with a few others at the source, shows waves in excess of one hundred feet dwarfing Seaham Lighthouse in County Durham (England). I've seen rough waves before in nearby Sunderland (where my Mum and her side of the family are from) and in Cornwall, but never anything quite like this.

The sheer size of this waterfall is incredible.

I find art journals like this one so interesting to peek at.

Pretty gift-wrap.

Love this living room- so much pattern and colour!

Real style is never right or wrong. It's a matter of being yourself on purpose.

These Peppermint Eggnog Milkshake Shots sound delicious.

A woman was caught trying to steal food in desperation to feed her hungry family, but instead of being arrested, the police woman bought her $100 dollars of groceries, knowing that arresting her wouldn't solve the problem. When the news got out, a further $700 dollars in donations was given to her, and a local business owner invited her in for an interview and gave her a job! Miami, you're doing it right.

Is it a cat? Is it a table? Who knows.

These Nutella Cheesecake Cupcakes sound delicious. I may need to make these for Christmas.

Yet another amazing Alice sleeve.

This should be observed by everybody around the world.

This week, it's mostly by numbers!

~ 5 Reasons Everyone Should Work in a Service Job in Their Twenties. I completely agree with this post. I worked in retail for 9 years (until I injured my back as a result two years ago), and I learnt so much from the experience, about myself and others. It takes a lot of strength to serve other people, and if you can conquer that, you can conquer anything in life!

~ 6 Unbelievable Personal Injury Claims. I don't know which claim is the most ridiculous!

19 American States send fat kids home with 'fat letters' informing their parents or guardians that the child is *shock horror*, FAT- to show their apparent "concern" for the child's "ill health" and well being. Now Massachusetts are to back down in recognition that it's an absolutely terrible idea...

20 Things You Never Knew About The Lion King. I never knew it was loosely based on Hamlet!

50 Things You Will Never Be Able to Forget... another post that'll give you nineties kids nostalgia!



  1. I'm so into reading recently, that the cosy reading corner and two reading gorillas made me smile! And what a great idea with a pumpkin! I always regret that in Poland, where I live, we don't celebrate Halloween. It's definitely my favourite day of the year!

    1. I would love to curl up in that reading corner with a good book. Reading is one of my favourite pastimes. We don't make a huge deal of Halloween in England, either. Well, not like they do in America. But I didn't realise you didn't in Poland. I love to at least carve a pumpkin and watch a few spooky films!

  2. Loving all the 90s stuff! I was in the 20s for most of it but I still have fond memories. I still have my Caboodle! x x

    1. I think you can still appreciate some things from that era even if you were too old to play with it! I never had a Caboodle, but know lots of people who did! xx

  3. some times a bit of r&r does you good! looking after yourself is most important! great images, the people at the top of the waterfall is terrifying! and the little girl with the fish!! too too cute! the crisp article made me laugh and the chickens in jumpers - hope you feel better soon x x

    1. It does! I've been curled up reading through The Hunger Games trilogy and it's been lovely. I hope they didn't jump from that waterfall! The little girl with the fish is adorable. I giggled at the crisp article, too! Thanks lovely xx

  4. can't believe I'm so behind on blog reading that i missed two of these! love the alice in wonderland tattoo xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by to catch up on them!! The Alice tattoo is amazing xx


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