Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Favourites #50

Hey guys!

It's Sunday, so you know what that means... yep, it's that time of the week again...

I'll take one of each dress, please!

Fiery eyes.

Pink and yellow snail mail.

Love the colours of this lady's purple ombre hair.

This clearly should be my kitchen!

I love this lady's tattoos and her look in general is fabulous.

What I wouldn't do for one of these dresses...

This lady made her own dress with the best fabric I've ever seen!

All the Care Bears!

This is so pretty.

Do what makes you oh so happy!

This series of artwork by Karla Mialynne is absolutely incredible. They're so beautifully realistic.

This is stunning.

Adorable Dinah tattoo!

I love this dress. And those tights. And those shoes.

According to the source, this is a tiger called Kenny who has Down's Syndrome. I didn't know other animals could be Down's Syndrome, but if what I've read is true, he's the first known DS tiger in the world.

Pretty Cath Kidston wedding cake.

It would be cool if we all got a free costume. Yes.

The unlikely friendship of a 36 year old male elephant called Bubbles and a 3 year old labrador called Bella, who love to play catch together, especially in the water! Click through to the source and watch the video of them; it's so cute.

This baby elephant also seems to have made friends with a canine critter!


This is the inside of a cold storage facility in Chicago that turned in to great expanses of stalagmites and stalacites after nine decades of lack of proper care and maintenance. So beautiful.

I don't know where this is, but please take me there now!

Ombre zig-zag nails.


A unique way of decorating pumpkins by using patterned tights!



This is amazing.


A building called The Rotating Tower which is designed to rotate to never have the same appearance twice! I'm not sure if it's been built yet, but it's designed by Doctor David Fisher for the city of Dubai. Incredible.


Embrace the body you've already got!


Any animal that touches this lake in Tanzania turns to stone!


I love this set of images. They're so true.


I want to live in a house that makes music when it rains!

This GIF is amazing.

My precious.

~ This cat doesn't seem to understand water...

~ This snake has a rather awesome hat collection.

~ This story, written as a letter to the animal's abusers, about a pitbull which had been abused and used as bate for dog fighting, found bleeding, disfigured and terrified, is absolutely heart breaking. I cried reading it, and I'm tearing up again just thinking about it.

~ And something much less depressing: the 21 Most Touching Interspecies Friendships You Never Thought Possible. So much cuteness in one post.

~ And if 21 interspecies friendships weren't enough for you, here's 30 more: the 30 Most Inspiring Interspecies Friendships of the Year (2012).

~ Photographer Jana Romanova captured photos of her pregnant couple friends sleeping in the early hours of the morning entitled ''Waiting'', and there's something really beautiful about them.

~ I really love Laura Jane's tutorial for milkmaid braids.

~ 21 Really Annoying Facebook Friends We All Have... unfortunately true!

~ This series of photos 'Ballet Dancers in Every Day Situations' is beautiful.

~ The story of a seventeen year old girl who achieved her dreams of becoming a model. She also has Down's Syndrome and Autism. What an inspiration! Bravo, Wet Seal!

~ 'You're Narrow-Minded and Backwards': says the furious father who disowned his daughter for kicking out her son for being gay. And the father of the year award goes to...

~ 31 beautiful abandoned places. Some really gorgeous photography in this post.

~ 33 of the world's strangest buildings.

~ 15 Interesting Facts About Dreams. Dreaming is really odd, when you think about it too deeply, isn't it?

~ 40 Maps They Didn't Teach You In School.



  1. So many good things! This is like reading my tumblr dashboard.... I have the itch to get tattooed so bad!

    Charlotte - xx

    1. Thank you! I've got that tattoo itch as well! Can't wait to get some more!

  2. all the animal ! the tiger is the cutest ever !!! xx

    1. I know! It's adorable, isn't it! xx

  3. I want that kitchen! Kenny is so cute. Agh, all the things! This is my favourite post and I look forward to it so much every week.

    That post about the abused dog? I'm crying too. I don't understand and never will understand how anyone could hurt a loving, trusting animal in such a disgusting way to make money, or for any other reason. I could study psychology for 1000 years and never get it. I never want to. People who do that are scum, pure and simple, and I wish instead of having to put these poor broken animals down, we could put down the filth who treat them that way. x x

    1. So do I! Thank you, Leah; I'm so glad you enjoy it every week :).

      I bawled reading the story of the abused dog. I'll never be understand how anybody can do such a thing to a living animal, either. Nor why it happens so much and without a happy ending. Why do people buy pets, if they don't have the heart and commitment to look after it like a fur baby for its whole life? Those people shouldn't be allowed pets. Too many of them are just heartless monsters in human form, and I agree that people who neglect and / or abuse animals should be put down. A dog gets put down if it bites a human, so why shouldn't owners be punished for harming other animals?? xx

  4. so many wonderful things (I couldn't read the dog story, I just end up devastated) the dolphins are so bright and I'm slightly spooked at the Tanzanian river and the 3D street! the dresses are gorgeous, hopefully soon I will get a sewing machine and I can start creating/botching some frocks! me and my littlest agreed with 'body confidence', she's smart! x x

    1. The dog story made me bawl- so awful. That Tanzanian river is incredible; I never knew there was anything like that on this planet. I'd love to see your sewing projects! Sure they'll be fabulous! Aw she sounds very smart, bless her! xx

  5. Cute post!
    x Hannah


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