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Autumn Haul | October 2013

Hey guys,

Over the last few weeks I've been fortunate enough to treat myself to a few bargains, and I thought you guys might like to see them.

I like to tip you guys off with awesome finds that I think you'll love as much as I do, so that you have the opportunity to track them down before they're gone for good. Like for instance, today's little haul of awesomeness...

I saw these lovely penguin and snowflake print PJ bottoms in Sainsburys and knew they had to come home with me, because I fell in love with the adorable penguins. I'm trying to rebuild my PJ collection from scratch, too. I often live in my pyjamas for days on end when the pain's extra bad and I don't have the strength to do anything and need to remain as comfortable as possible; so my lack of nightwear was getting ridiculous.  The penguin print is adorable, and so bold and cheerful. I feel very wintry in them, and they'd be perfect to wake up in on Christmas morning.

I think I paid £8 for the bottoms and £5 for the cute frilled vest, which are brilliant prices for such lovely, good quality pyjamas. I'm loving TU at Sainsburys' (very affordable) designs this season.

Last week, River Island launched their end of season sale, and I popped on over for a browse (online) for potential Christmas presents. That soon went out the window! There were some incredibly beautiful bags on sale for next to nothing, so I bought this stunning little green satchel for myself for just £10. It was originally £20! The sides and straps are mock croc, and it's about the size of a hardback novel. It's not too small and not too big, and has enough room for all the essentials. Oh, and how beautiful is that colour? 

The bag is sold out online now, but it also comes in cobalt, pink, light pink, yellow, orange, gold, and leopard print, just not on sale. I'm quite taken with the cobalt blue, myself! Are you listening, Santa?

I also took the opportunity to order this green messenger bag. I ordered it as a potential Christmas present for my Mum, but on arrival I concluded it's probably a bit young for her tastes, so decided to keep it for myself instead. Oh, damn! How ever am I going to cope...?

The bag is so roomy, and will be as useful as Mary Poppins' carpet bag for travelling, trips out, hospital appointments, and shopping. It would be great for schooling and work, too. I love the bright, grass-green colour, and the zip detailing gives it a bit of an edge. It was just £12 on sale, down from £25, and again it's now sold out online, but it's available in other colours full price. Tan, brown, beigered, cobalt, and black. If it's the green you've set your heart on, I'd definitely recommend checking in your local River Island because you might get lucky and find one!

My favourite purchase of late has to be this beautiful animal print scarf from Next, and I just had to show you it as I know a fair few of you love animal patterns as much as I do!

It's a luxurious chocolate in colour with woodland creatures all over it. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, owls, mice, and raccoons, to be specific! I love the sketched appearance of these adorable critters, and the attention to detail is lovely. The fabric is so soft, warm, and thick, and surprisingly inexpensive at just £10. Needless to say, when I first saw it it stopped me in my tracks and I couldn't leave without it. Sadly it doesn't appear to be available online (yet?), but it's definitely worth looking in store for it as I think it's a new line and it's so incredibly gorgeous.

And of course, I bought myself the gorgeous tartan pinafore dress by Alice & You which I shared in an outfit post last week, which you can see here if you want to. I adore this dress and know I'll be wearing it all winter long. I think many of you would love this dress, too, but unfortunately it's now sold out completely online.

I also treated myself to some hair accessories from Accessorize, while my sister was looking for jewellery for her choir's event. I've never seen houndstooth hair clips before, so I had to have them. They were £4 for a set of 10 and look really study.

I've also been curious about those ribbon hair ties for ages now; are they really better than ordinary hair bobbles? The ties are in beautiful jewel tones, not that you can tell from the above photo which was taken at night in artificial light, but they're bright, bold and pretty. They were £3.90 for a set of 5.

There was also a pair of black bat stud earrings I bought from Sainsburys, but I seem to have lost them somewhere between leaving the car park and getting home. Oops.

What have you been buying lately?


  1. nice, comfy jammies are the best! some of mine have holes and patches in them, I don't care as they are cosy and comfy!! your tartan pinafore is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you, the rest of your haul is awesome and I hope Santa is listening!! I have had to buy kids clothing as mine seem to be growing at an alarming rate, they need to put a brick on their heads and stop growing hehe!!! x x

    1. Comfy PJs are essential, especially during the colder months. All mine had holes in them, too, and I continued on wearing them for as long as possible but it was time to buy some new ones. I do love my pinafore, thanks! I'm not sure I've been good enough this year, so we'll see what Santa thinks! Haha! It's crazy how fast kids grow, especially girls. I was 5'4'' by the time I was eleven! xx

  2. I'm on a pyjama buying ban at the minute because I have too many pairs to get through! If you are after some more adorable animal ones, Asda have some gorgeous multi-coloured patterned polar bear fleecy ones in at the minute that nearly broke my ban. The main thing that I'm shopping around for at the moment is a decent pair of snow boots that won't break the bank, as I manage to wear through mine last year...

    1. I wish I had enough pairs to put myself on a ban, but new PJS are so tempting! I've not been to ASDA in ages, so I'll have to go and have a look. Thanks for the tip! Oh, I don't know where the best place for snow boots would be. If you're just after waterproof, welly boots, Joules do som lovely ankle wellies called wellibobs which are perfect for when it snows. They have great grip on them and make walking in snow so easy!

  3. I bought some boodies from Buffalo and I they are just perfect!
    The green bag with the golden zipper is so nice!!

    1. Thank you! I really love that green bag :)

  4. the scarf has to be my favourite too the print is lovely xx

    1. You need it, Rachel! It's gorgeous xx


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