Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday Wish List

Evening lovelies,

I hope you're all having a good week so far. Can you believe we're already in to October? I'm not sure where the last two months went, I must have hibernated through them or something because they were gone in a blink.

Now it's getting chilly and I'm digging out my Winter accessories and thinking about chunky knitwear. Not that there's much knitwear on this week's wish list! I've fallen in love with some cute and quirky prints, and have my eyes on a few accessories to keep me warm this Autumn...
1. Dorothy Perkins blush spot lace yoke dress £32.00
I'm crazy about this dress and am dying to buy it. It ticks all the right boxes- polka dot, printed, and lace! It's gorgeous and classic, and I had to promote it to the top three of the list.
2. Accessorize corsage cut off gloves £12.00
I adore this style of glove, and already own two pairs from previous years- one in navy and teal, the other in grey. I really want to add this cute pair to my glove collection. I have a bit of a glove obsession and must own about a dozen pairs.
3. Dorothy Perkins navy fox print tee £22.00
The fox print on this t-shirt is adorable. I've loved foxes since I was a little girl and obsessed over the Animals of Farthing Wood. I think I need to adopt this top and give it a good home.
4. George at Asda Fox print sheer shirt £12.00
The fox print on this shirt is also cute, and would look great layered under dresses or over camisoles with jeans or skirts. It's a bargain for such an adorable printed top, too.
5. River Island green heart print snood £16.00
If I could worship a colour, I would worship this shade of green. It's one of my favourite colours, and the heart print snood is adorable. I want this snood so I can layer it over everything to keep warm this A/W, and probably many others in the future.
6. Evans teal 70 denier tights £6.00
I bought a pair of these tights last Winter, to push my boundaries with my leg complex, and felt so comfortable and confident in them. For a bright colour, they're so flattering. They brighten up a dark coloured dress or skirt and keep outfits young and fun. It's also an easy way to update several outfits without spending much money.
7. Dorothy Perkins beige lips tuck neck top £28.00 (currently £17.00)
I love the lips motif on this t-shirt, and the outfit possibilities with it are endless. Another fun piece that would probably stay in my wardrobe for years.
8. Dorothy Perkins telephone print top £27.00
The telephone print on this one is so quirky and kitsch, and the collar is lovely, too. I want to wear this with everything.
9. Matalan round neck cardigan £10.00
Another colour to add to the Matalan cardigan collection. These cardigans are a bargain, super soft, and so versatile. A classic navy cardigan is a must in any wardrobe.
10. Accessorize frou frou ear muffs £16.00
I know they're not for everyone, but I love ear muffs, and this pair is so cute. Perfect for protecting the ears from frostbite!
11. Maggie Angus penguin necklace £21.00
It's a penguin, what other reason do I need? I want to adopt him!
I sadly missed out on the completely amazing racoon print shirt identical to this one, that ASOS had a few months ago. I just didn't have the funds. I don't at the moment, either, but this elephant print is so quirky! I don't have the best luck with shirts, and feel so broad-shouldered in them, but I would find so many ways to incorporate this one in to my wardrobe. I'm salivating over it as we speak.
When I put together these weekly wish lists, I almost always have several pieces from previous weeks that I still intend to own, but can't yet afford. I begin to feel like I'm playing a Children's memory game as I try to remember them all. Did any of you ever play those memory games in Primary school? The ones which would start with a sentence and as it went around the room each child would repeat it, and add another word until it was so long it was almost impossible to remember it all? " Louise wants to own... a pair of tartan flatforms, a studded rucksack, two oxblood ASOS dresses, a pair of studded slippers, a textured bow collar, an African pygmy Hedgehog, a town house in New York, a pet tapir, my own diamond mine, Channing Tatum, ... and a green v neck cardigan".
Well, I played my own memory game, and put together all the previously posted favourites to remind myself what I still hope to buy.
I can assure you I haven't forgotten about the flatforms, collar, or ASOS oxblood dresses. Those four pieces have to be mine! And trust me, I will pounce as soon as I can afford to. I desperately need to get some new shoes for A/W, and would love a pair of the slippers, but still can't decide which colour I like more. Which pair do you guys think? I also need some chunky knits, because I own so few. I usually just layer up my dresses with cardigans and a coat, but some days a chunky knit is necessary to avoid freezing to death.
During my online window shopping sprees, I came across these storage boxes, and have my heart set on the summer rose prints, especially. I usually keep my magazines on a pile on the floor next to my bed, but it would be good to have something to store them in. I seem to have a slight obsession with storage accessories and keeping my things organised.
And finally, I stumbled up on this utterly adorable pyjama t-shirt earlier this evening. I need it in my life! The little bunny on the left has mis-matched ears like one of my babies did (she died at Easter), so it's captured my heart.
Are any of these lovely things on your own wish lists?
Which pieces are your favourites?



  1. some lovely things on here! i'm actually planning on buying the stud backpack today and i have that green cardigan. i also have the summer rose drawers, i bought them some time last year for £9.99 and keep my art things in them, but inspired by you i made quite a big online order of storage things including another set of drawers (everything i ordered is in clashing prints because i wanted to spend less lol, but the summer rose magazine file is in there! i don't mind whether my storage matches as long as it's pretty!) because i'm like you, i hate how cluttered things can look and i want to sort my desk out! xxx

    1. Can't wait to see the backpack! I'm oh so very jealous. I did order the green cardi, but it swamped so I sent it back, but I think it's worth ordering in a smaller size.

      I wish I'd thought of looking in WHSmith sooner. I'm glad the post inspired you. I have storage boxes in all sorts of colours and patterns, I just adore storage boxes in general. I think I'll try getting another set of drawers, possibly for my art things, too, which are under my bed and a bit neglected. I've actually got a fair few Lush boxes storing other things, as I've had so many gift boxes from there in the past. I'm not sure why organising things is so satisfying! xx

  2. Lots of lovely things in trying to avoid online shops I really need to get through stop spending October xx

    1. I've got no money right now, and all this browsing and being unable to spend is torture! Must be a nightmare managing an entire month with so much temptation online! xx


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