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Tuesday Things: Shopaholic Challenge

Hello, my name is Louise and I'm a shopaholic. Nice to meet you. Now we've got that revelation out of the way, (shocking news, right?!), I can breathe a sigh of relief, and attempt to remained dignified as I tell you all about my shopping habits.

This challenge wasn't invented by myself. It was another I had copied and saved to my desktop, and had forgotten all about. I can't remember when or where I found it, so I hope I don't cause any offence to the creator, as it's not intended.

1. When I first realised I was a shopaholic...

It was probably when I was seventeen and got my first month's wage from my first job. I went in to town and spent practically everything in one go on clothes and CDs. I loved the novelty of having a couple of hundred pounds to my name each month and owning things I loved and had paid for myself. I soon found myself going shopping after each pay day and loved the feeling of coming home with beautiful things. The elated feeling would only last a day or two, and I'd soon have my eye on something else I just had to buy. I would be skint for the last two or three weeks of the month, and well, my spending habits haven't changed much in the last ten years.

2. How I feel after shopping, and how I react...

My feelings after shopping usually depend on how much I've spent and how much money I've got remaining in my bank. If I've spent a big percentage of my wages, I often feel guilty, and worry about stretching my money through until the end of the month. Although I usually start off feeling happy and pleased with my purchase(s), and after a couple of days of guilt I usually realise I can cope with the money I have left and feel pleased again. By then I'm also usually searching for my next 'must have'.
If I've been out shopping (a rare thing for me currently), I like to go through my shopping bags to look at what I've bought. I'll try all the clothes on again to check they really fit comfortably and look okay on in natural light, before cutting off the tags and hanging them up. I'll have a play around with any make up or cosmetics bought before removing any packaging and putting them away. I always remove packaging, find a home for what ever I've bought, and collect the receipts together before relaxing.

3. My top five places to shop and why...

Dorothy Perkins- because they always have lovely good quality clothes that fit me well! They sell such gorgeous dresses and knitwear, which you know I'm rather obsessed with!

Cath Kidston- as I love retro inspired and patterned things which they're renowned for. Every time I set foot in one of their stores I literally want to buy everything, and rarely come out empty handed. The shops are so pretty and interesting, I just have to browse everything thoroughly. They stock a great variety of beautiful products, and their prints- polka dots, stars, florals- are very 'me'.

Accessorize- It's a great treasure trove! I love my accessories, and Accessorize have the best of the British high street. I'm in my element around so much jewellery, bags, scarves, hair accessories etc and could shop in there for hours.

Paperchase- I'm not sure what it is, but I'm obsessed with stationery. I love to buy notebooks, even if I already have several unused ones and no idea what to use it for. Paperchase sell the cutest stationery, photo albums, pretty crafting materials, amazing cards, and so many other lovely things I can get lost in there for a good hour or two.

Lush- I'm passionate about cruelty free beauty products, and since Lush's cosmetics contain mostly natural ingredients and as little packaging as possible, they get a big thumbs up from me. The products always look interesting and smell inviting, and the staff are usually super friendly. I generally end up leaving with a bag full of bath bombs and bubble bars, soaps and fresh face masks. I also adore their make up range!

4. The item I have most of in my wardrobe...

This will come as no surprise, but it's now dresses. At last count I had about fifty! My handbag collection is not far behind. I think I have between thirty-forty.

5. The most I've ever spent during one shopping trip...

I remember on one day trip to London I spent over £200 on make up from Bnevertoobusytobebeautiful- which was the end price after my Sister's 50% discount! I'd saved up my birthday money for that purpose. I then went on to shop in other places around Covent Garden, Camden, and Oxford Street and I think I spent another £200-300.

6. Have I ever experienced shopper's guilt, and what do I most regret buying?

Yes, I'm sure most of us do. I always feel guilty when I've spent a big chunk of my money. Nothing really springs to mind as a big regret, but I've bought many pieces of clothing I never wore but couldn't return as I'd taken the tags off.

7. My favourite things to buy...

Dresses, bags, make up, and costume jewellery.

8. Do I buy the same thing in different colours?

Yes, I do this all the time. It may seem boring and predictable to some, but if I find a style that I love and that works for my shape, I see it as a good investment as it will get a lot of wear. I buy cardigans in different colours, and have several dress twins in my wardrobe.

9. Do I use dressing rooms and why/why not?

Always. My mother always taught me to try everything on. It's important as the size and fit varies from style to style, and shop to shop. I have clothes in four different sizes in my wardrobe!

10. Do I prefer shopping alone or with company?

Although I do love the company and fun of shopping with others, I actually really enjoy shopping alone. I can take my time to browse and visit the shops I want to go in without annoying anybody. And I find I shop more efficiently when I'm alone.

11. If I could go shopping with a celeb/blogger/YT guru I would shop with...

Celebs- Dita Von Teese and Zooey Deschanel because I love their personal styles.

Bloggers- Ah this is so hard as I follow so many wonderful stylish bloggers and I don't like leaving people out. I'll say Nita and Rachel because they both have great style, and I think it would be a lot of fun!

12. My favourite shopping snacks are...

I tend to stop for a Costa hot chocolate or a Shakeaway milkshake while shopping.

13. I've always wanted to buy but could never afford...

A Jimmy Choo bag, a Balenciaga bag, a Lulu Guinness lip shaped clutch, dresses from Pin Up Girl Clothing, and a house by the sea.

14. If I had £1000 to spend I would spend it on...

I think I'd treat myself to some new Inglot make up, a Lulu Guinness clutch, and a few dresses from Pin Up Girl Clothing OR I'd just have a big shopping spree on the high street and snap up everything I want.

15. Am I a proud shopaholic?

Yes, I am!

Are you a shopaholic? Why not have a go at this challenge and find out!



  1. such a good challenge louise, i've totally just done this too. our habits are very similar! xxx

    1. Thanks hun. I read your post last night; I agree our shopping habits are pretty much the same! xx

  2. Aww I'd love to go shopping with you :) very honest post I'm the same spending wages within the first week but when you have a mortgage it's not good lol that's why I did the challenge. And I love shake away its my favourite along with marble slab ice cream xx

    1. Aw thanks! The only reason I can afford to spend on myself is because I don't have a house to run. If I did I wouldn't be able to shop this way. Lol. You seem to manage well, though, and you've done well to not spend for a month. The Shakeaway in my local city has apparently gone now, though. Gutted! I used to treat myself to a 'Dave' when I went shopping with others. xx

  3. great reading! stationary is legendary, a beautiful pen is a magical thing - i also think to shop when you can is good, mortgage and boring bills which all have to be paid 'on time' apparently, bores me so - so have fun x

    1. Thanks Maria. I have a soft spot for stationery- especially notebooks. I think I may as well enjoy shopping while I don't have any responsibilities tying me down. It'd be different with a house to run xx


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