Monday, 22 October 2012

Some purse friendly spending

I think it's fairly obvious to anyone who reads my blog that I love to shop. What can I say? I love pretty things.

 At this time of year with Christmas on the horizon, I can't afford to spend much on myself or a new Winter wardrobe. There are Christmas presents to buy, and several birthdays to buy for, and I always prioritise gift giving over treating myself. Although there are always things I need, and sometimes I can't resist a little treat.

That's when eBay, and the mid-season sales can be very appealing.

At the end of the week I bought a new pair of boots, and an adorable belt- both which were bargains!

I've been needing a new pair of ankle boots for a while, but there really hasn't been any that have caught my eye on the high street, and none that would ever live up to my trusty patent purple ones. The purple boots have been worn to death over the last two or three years, and now they're starting to fall apart little by little. I'm devastated at the thought of losing them. I wish I'd bought them in all three colours (purple, teal, and black) while I could. It's so unusual to find cute, coloured boots in a wide fit and I was even more surprised to find them in Evans of all places! Their footwear, apart from sandals, doesn't usually appeal to me at all.

So, over the last couple of weeks, I've been watching eBay like a hawk in case a pair appeared in my size in any of the colours. I thought it was a long shot since the boots were two or three years old, but what do you know, last week an immaculate looking pair in black appeared in my size! Fast forward a few days, and I won the bid, and this morning they arrived.

The seller said the previous owner claimed they'd been worn just twice, and she was selling them as they didn't fit her. The boots are in amazing condition, with only a little wear to the outer soles. I paid just £12.55 for them, and a few pounds for postage. I forget how much they cost originally, but I think around £35-40. I consider them a great bargain considering how much wear I will get out of them. The shape of the boots work with everything, and will keep my feet dry when it rains. The photos really don't do them justice. They're designed to look wide around the leg, have studs at the back, and a cute buckle detail on the outer sides. I love them!

I'm still keeping my eye out for the purple and teal, and will continue to wear the purple pair I own until they literally fall apart.

I also bought this tortoise belt (in the ASOS mid season sale) last week for just £4! It was originally £15. Talk about a bargain. I've been admiring it for months, but never committed to buying it, but when I saw it for that price I really couldn't say no.

 The only thing that concerned me was the sizing. My previous experience with ASOS belts taught me they come up TINY. Now I'm not a thin girl, but I'm on the lower end of the plus size scale. I measured my waist, and learnt that the largest Curve size was in theory too small... by about 15cm! I told myself that couldn't be right, so I chanced it, but ordered the biggest size... a size 24/26. A good three to four sizes larger than my usual dress sizes. Crazy!

The belt arrived today. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's made from a stretchy gold tone chain metal about a centimetre thick, and has two cute tortoise buckle plates about two inches long that have a hook fastening. It fits nicely! I wasn't expecting it to be so stretchy, and it would definitely fit somebody of the advertised size, or somebody with a smaller waist than mine. I guess that's proof that sometimes it's good to try something which is not labelled as your size, because some things are versatile and adaptable. As a teenager I wouldn't try something in the next size up; I think I've come along way in the last twelve or thirteen years!

The belt is available in the Curve range here, and also in the straight size range here (for £4.50).

Have you done any bargain shopping lately?

Do you try things which in theory shouldn't fit you?


  1. I love that belt it's so cute! Xx

    1. Thanks. It's the most adorable belt ever. I think it'd look good on you! xx

  2. Oh wow, that belt is awesome! Loving the boots too xx

    1. It really is... you should get yourself one! I'm so pleased with the boots xx


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