Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday Favourites #7

Evening fashionistas,

I can't believe it's already Sunday evening. I'm sure that time has moved extra fast this week, as it doesn't feel like a whole week since I put my last Sunday favourites post together... but here we are.

On Sundays I like to share my favourite images of the week found through the wonders of Pinterest and Tumblr. They're both such great platforms for inspiration, and I find myself regularly using both to pass the time.

Here are just some of the images I've been reblogging and pinning this week.

How beautiful is this green and blue floral dress? If you ask me there aren't enough green coloured clothes out there. This lady looks fabulous.

I love this model's retro inspired hair style, and the divine layered petticoats. I really do need some petticoats in my life.

Cara of I Like Pretty Clothes is one of my favourite Tumblr bloggers, and actually one of the first plus size blogs I began reading about a year ago.  It was through finding her blog, along with a few others on Tumblr, that I began to change my perspective on my figure and started to accept myself for who I am. I haven't let my size/figure stop me from wearing the clothes I feel good in for many years, but I had still worried about how others perceived me. Blogs of women confidently rocking their bodies in amazing outfits, made me wake up and think, 'who cares what anybody thinks of me, as long as I'm happy?' Life's too short!

Anyway, Cara always wears such incredible, gorgeous circle skirts and dresses, and really knows how to dress. I would love her wardrobe! This book print skirt teamed with a mustard top is just amazing!

What I wouldn't do for this skirt!

Proof that tattooed girls can look beautiful in their wedding dresses. Great flower choice, too.

Neon ombre fishtail plait.

Effortlessly retro, kitsch, and twee at the same time!

I want to live in a purple and teal coloured house!

These houses look like they belong in  Hansel and Gretel!

A geo-magnetic storm swept the earth on October 8th, and this image was captured in Lake-St-Charles near Quebec City. The storm was seen for 52 minutes, which showed the Earth's rotation, as well as the incredible Aurora Borealis. Amazing.

A UP inspired hot air balloon! Which has to be the best hot air balloon EVER!

Mitik, a 15 week old orphaned baby Walrus, takes a bath. The poor thing looks terrified. And oh so cute! I don't think I'd seen a baby Walrus before.

A pink dolphin!

Hedgehogs can be vampires, too! Would make a good twist to an old vampire story!
 Surprise! Not what you'd like to be met with when you're delivering mail to somebody's house!

A hairless rat taking a bath. So. Cute.

A 50 year old Thai elephant who lost a leg when she stepped on a land mine while foraging in 1999, now moves around easily again with the help of a prosthetic leg!

Samantha the Gorilla from Erie Zoo was lonely and at 49 too old to breed, so they gave her a pet rabbit called Panda, and have been the best of friends ever since! Apparently she loves to pet him and share her food with him!

Love this idea of a baking drawer!

A collection of cloth bound classics to be proud of. These books are so beautiful, and I want to collect them all. I only have The Time Traveller's Wife in this style so far.

Please leave me alone to read and bother me later.

Hamsters on meth? That would be some scary shit.

Just be yourself.

Beauty is the eye of the beholder. What a fantastic quote from Andy Warhol. He's a rare and wonderful thinker.

I can't tell you how true this above quote is. You may think that dieting will solve all your unhappiness and other problems- and yes, it may work for some- but it won't necessarily make you any happier. Everybody is different. Ever since I learnt to become more comfortable with who I am, I've been happier than I've ever felt in my life. Of course everyone is different, but if you're like me, self acceptance for who you are no matter your shape, size, or appearance will lift a weight off your shoulders. I'm not a confident person, but I'm comfortable in my skin!



  1. Oh my actual god the walrus and the naked rat I literally cannot breathe too cute!!! Xx

    1. The baby walrus is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I let out a squeal when I first saw it. Gotta love the hairless critters. They're so cute. xx

  2. love it! the gorilla and bunny melts my heart,and yes to confidence! x

    1. It's fascinating how apes can be so similar to us. Confidence makes such a difference xx


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