Monday, 29 October 2012

Barratts' Competition

When I was recently contacted about a giveaway shoe brand Barratts is hosting through Hello, Terri Lowe's blog, I was very excited and immediately started putting my entry together.

 There are two competitions running through Terri's blog, with a chance to win up to £100 of Barratts vouchers. One is a rafflecopter giveaway with a chance of winning £30 to spend at Barratts, whilst the other involves putting together a post about which shoes you might buy if you won the £70 voucher.

For my entry, I chose six of my favourite pairs of shoes from the website. I chose mostly plain coloured shoes, as I wear printed clothes so often, and tried to pick out a variety of styles to keep things interesting. I then attempted to make a wardrobe collage, to show case my picks where they belong! The image is of my wardrobe, with stacks of shoe boxes either side and shoes on display.

So, here goes, this is my entry...

And a closer look at my choices:

was £35.00, now £25.00

Let's start with this amazing pair of killer court heels. When I came across them, I was pretty much salivating at the laptop screen. The burgundy suede-like material is so gothic and wintery, and the spikes really make a statement. I'd wear them with feminine tea dresses to bring an edge to the outfit, or with a great pair of jeans, plenty of black, velvet and lace. At 27, I still haven't learnt how to walk in high heels, but it's a skill I aim to master someday. And this beautiful pair of platform courts would be worth a sprained ankle or two- I'd no doubt look like a new born giraffe while trying to master the art. I'm amazed by the very reasonable price of these beautiful heels- just £25.00. For that price I'd buy them in every colour!

was £25.00, now £20.00

After getting a taste for this style of flatform with my recent River Island purchase, I'm keen to invest in many more pairs in various designs. And at just £20.00, they're a steal! I've fallen in love with this shoe in several colours, but of course, the red is my favourite. I can't get enough of dark reds this Autumn. There's something so decadent about them. This colour works with so much of my wardrobe, and I've chosen a simple design as I wear so many patterned clothes. This shoe also appeals to me because it gives me a little extra height, whilst still being accommodating and safe to walk around in with a back injury without fear of slipping or strain.

was £75.00, now £67.50

At first glance, these shoe boots look like a pair of simple, ordinary boots, but on closer expection, they're trimmed with glitter! Glitter! The five year old in me desperately wants to play dress up with glittery shoes. There are also horses all over the outer soles and heel. Glitter, horses, and pretty shoes? Show me an inner child who doesn't love those things! The glitter would add a bit of fun to a simple outfit for day (such as with blue skinny jeans, and a jumper), and would look equally stylish with a little black dress for night. On offer for £67.50, they're still a little expensive but I'd find a million outfits to wear them with... after I've learnt how to glide about in them first, of course!

was £35.00, now £30.00

Another pair of shoes I'd love to own is this wonderful pair of purple wedges. They're a little higher than I'm used to but I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone with shoes and learn how to wear lots of different styles and heel heights. I love this deep shade of purple, and they'd fit in nicely with my wardrobe. I can particularly envision myself wearing these with my black polka dot dress, and the black bird print dress I did an OOTD post about a couple of days ago. I think £30.00 is a very reasonable price for this pair of beautiful shoes, I would happily treat myself to these if I won.

was £28.00, now £15.00

When it comes to shoes, my most worn style is a ballet shoe, and I have a slight infatuation with studs, so this pretty red pair naturally called out to me. The studs and colour are so on trend for Autumn/Winter, and they're perfect for brightening up a grey day, adding a pop of colour to any outfit, and for colour blocking. With my back injuries, it's essential for me to have comfortable shoes that I can slip on and off (as I'm not very bendy right now), so these tick all the boxes. I'd wear them with everything from dresses to jeans. They're such a bargain at £15.00... maybe I'd be able to buy them in black as well?

was £25.00, now £22.00

I've been wanting to try creepers for myself for quite some time now, after seeing friends and other bloggers rocking them. They appeal to my edgier side, and look like they'd be so comfortable, whilst adding a precious inch or two. And Barratts have some pretty fantastic dupes in a range of wintery hues for a fraction of the price. This pair is just £22.00, yet many other brands such as Underground start from £70 and keep going after £100. Bargain! Predictably, the bright colour of this green pair lured me in like a moth to a flame. I'd wear them with black skinny jeans and jeggings, perhaps with my red and black chequered shirt, a band tee, or some form of lace or velvet top. I'd find myself wearing these to lots of gigs and concerts when I'm back on my feet.

These are just six of the pairs I would consider treating myself to, but there were dozens if not hundreds of beautiful shoes I would happily buy. I haven't shopped with Barratts since I was a little girl, and am so surprised how great their selection is now.

Have you entered this competition yet? No? Check out the giveaway here.

If you have or do enter, link back your post so I can have a look!



  1. great picks! i think my faves have to be the stud trim court shoes, wow! i wish i'd found those haha xxx

    1. Thank you! They're so gorgeous, aren't they?! I'd definitely end up breaking my neck in them, but they're amazing. I think I saw them in red, too xx


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