Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday Favourites #170

Who's ready for another dose of my Sunday Favourites?

Amazing rainbow ombre hair! It reminds me of the hair mascara trend we had in the late nineties; I was totally addicted to electric blue and purple! Haha!

This colourful DIY sand art manicure is so much fun.

These DIY heart emoji doughnuts are so cute.

I don't know what this print is from, but dolphin bananas!

I love this Jareth brooch from Baccurelli.

This colourful art installation from Pip & Pop is amazing.

Love these words from Rachele of Rad Fat Vegan. If only!

I love these enamel pins and Valentine's printables from Aww Sam and In Company.

This tattoo is amazing.

I'm digging this colour palette.

Amina from Studio Mucci's novelty bag collection is the thing of dreams!

I love these Tina embroideries!

These Simpsons and Bob's Burgers embroideries from Hoop Dreams are pretty damn awesome!

I adore this anchor tattoo from Martyna Popiel.

Baby echidnas are the cutest little critters ever! Also, they're called puggles!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Betty Pamper looks amazing in one of her latest outfit posts, wearing a red polka dot dress and leather jacket.

♥ I love Natalie's monochrome kitty ensemble. Doesn't she look awesome?!

♥ How to determine if you're a "real woman": hold a marker pen under your boob and take a photo for Instagram. *Rolls eyes*. Whatever next?

♥ 27 Bob's Burgers moments that will make you laugh if you're a fan of the show. Numbers 2, 18, and 19 always make me giggle.

♥ Want to do a good deed for somebody? Here's a list of 52 random acts of kindness to give you a little inspiration.

♥ These GIFS of Matt Le Blanc demonstrating Joey's acting tricks are brilliant! Am I the only one who thinks he's turning in to a right silver fox?

♥ Ever wondered what maternity wear was like centuries ago? I can't say I have, but this post popped up on my Tumblr dash the other day, and it made for an interesting read.

♥ Bright & Bold sure know how to put a birthday box together. I think I'm going to do one for my best friend's birthday this year.

♥ This video of a man shovelling snow while wearing a dinosaur costume is hilarious.

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Dolphin bananas? That is amazing! Imagine that as fabric, I'd make a dress and wear it ALL THE TIME!

  2. I lovvved hair mascara! I remember having my hair crimped and having blue mascara put all through it for my year 6 farewell dance! I have that Jareth brooch it is amazing, but I've been too sad over Bowies passing to wear it. And thank you for sharing my link :)


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