Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sunday Favourites #167

I don't know where 2015 went or how it's already January 3rd, all I know is it's time for my first Sunday Favourites post of 2016!

I love this collection of body positivity artwork from Rachele Cateyes.

These contemporary embroideries from Sarah K. Benning are beautiful.

These penguin cupcake toppers are so cute.

I want to gift wrap everything like fruit from now on.

Got loads of sweets left over from Christmas? Well, why not turn them in to jewellery using this DIY from Lauren Conrad.

I adore this super festive outfit Sammi wore over the holidays. Doesn't she look fabulous?!

This dessert-buffet is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen.

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, what does that make diamond cookies?

I enjoyed taking a peek at what Becky got for Christmas.

I love Kaelah's bedroom- especially those pretty paper flowers on the wall.

Stunning tattoos from Sasha Unisex.

According to the source, this happy little guy is a narluga- a narwhal and beluga whale hybrid! How cute?!

A historic church in Spain has been transformed in to a skate park and brightened up with the most colourful graffiti. Doesn't it look amazing?!

Bianca shared some pages from her sketchbook, and every page is filled with the most beautiful artwork.

Somebody get me an aardwolf!

This GIF is so cute. Look at those little legs go!

And this GIF of two otters hugging is utterly adorable.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Erica wrote about the time she lost her friend's cat, which makes for a hilarious and equally nail-biting read. Spoiler: she eventually found the cat.

♥ I'm in love with Becky's tartan ensemble. Doesn't she look amazing?

♥ Leah spoke out about why she resigned as a Scarlett & Jo ambassador after the way the owner of the brand treated his customers on Facebook earlier in the week, and she also wrote about the wider implications of brands that fail.

♥ These 17 interesting graphs that define the life of an introvert are so spot on, and hilarious, too.

♥ 32 of the dumbest things that happened in 2015. I laughed so hard I cried..

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Thanks for reading.


  1. Those diamond cookies! Yes please! xx

  2. So many things to love!That sketchbook is pretty amazing though - I want to keep some time of diary this year, if only it came out looking half as fab as that!


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