Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sunday Favourites #166: New Years Special

Sorry this week's Sunday Faves post is a lot later in the day than usual. I didn't have time to pre-schedule it, and Christmas tired me out so much I've slept through most of the last two days, so I've only just managed to finish it. My bad. 

Belated or not, I decided to put a special New Years faves post together this week for my final Sunday Favourites post of 2015. It's filled with New Year's Eve decorations, inspiring quotes, and other cute NYE things and I hope it will give you a little inspiration for the week ahead. Enjoy!

This NYE paper gemstone crown would be fun to wear for a New Year's party. I love how the photos have been styled, too.

These festive holiday drink stirrers would be perfect for those NYE cocktails!

I don't know about you, but I really should do less of the things on the left hand list and more of the things on the right. Except sometimes lazing around and eating junk food is necessary!

This colourful illustration from Draw Pilgrim is beautiful.

This is so cute!

I love these NYE photo booth props, and confetti filled balloons.

It's almost time to party! Yay!

These paper number pinatas would be such a fun way to count down the minutes to New Year's Day.

How cute are these balloons?!

I want to make some of these NYE mason jar kits.

Fed up of mason jars? How about a NYE in a box?

I love these 2016 balloons.

You really should! Life's too short!

I hope you have a very happy new year, too, filled with good health, wealth, happiness, adventures, good times, great people, beautiful clothes, and everything else your heart desires! Happy New Year, everybody!

How will you be seeing in the new year?



  1. I hope you have a wonderful new year!! I love all those photobooth props!

  2. Contentment. That's what I'd like for the new year. Not to always be wanting or buying more, to be content and make proper use of the things, talents and times I.have. And to get to bed earlier!
    Happy New Year to you Louise, I hope your new year is positive, painfree and allows you to do more of what you love. And allows you to go to places, meet new people and take chances and fulfill the wonderful inherent creativity to you have in you. .x


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