Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Favourites #122

Time for another dose of my Sunday faves...

I'm loving these geometric nails.


I wish all of this lived in my kitchen!

Sasha Unisex's latest tattoos are so beautiful. I now kinda want a unicorn tattoo...

Modcloth had nine of their employees of different shapes and sizes model their swimwear, reminding us how wonderfully diverse our bodies are and that we shouldn't be ashamed of that. I love this campaign, and I love that red polka dot swimsuit!

Are you familiar with the friendship between a little girl named Libby, and her piglet friend Pearl yet? They're the cutest! I didn't want to post photos of somebody else's child on my blog, but you need to go check out the adorable duo on Instagram here

This space is gorgeous.

I'm blown away by how realistic this art work is. Amazing.

Foxes from Japan's Zao Fox Village being all adorable.

Who remembers these The Garden Gang books?? I used to love these when I was little! I've actually been trying to remember the name of these books for years without any luck, and then yesterday they popped up on my Pinterest feed! 

This is so cute!

This is such a gorgeous look.

I'm in love with Hayley's incredible fruit-themed manicure! So perfect.

So true!

This photo is so beautiful. I'm pining for the sea right now; I miss being out in the water in Cornwall.

Uninspired by just taking photos on her travels, Teresa Lim creates amazing embroideries of the places she visits, and then photographs each one in front of the place that inspired them. Amazing!

A stampede of pugs and other pups! Love!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Harlow Darling looks stunning in polka dots in her latest outfit post.

♥ Nancy looks so glamorous modelling a seriously beautiful  Scarlet and Jo dress.

♥ Sera had her say about the rivalry and negativity between some bloggers with mental illnesses towards other bloggers with mental illnesses. I couldn't agree with her more; it has to stop. Please go read it.

♥ I'm itching to visit south east Asia after reading Callie's post about her adventures in Khao Sok.

♥ Speaking of travel, I love the photos of our beautiful world in these posts: 25 of the world's most beautiful roads and 25 breath-taking bird's-eye-views.

♥ 30 people who have conquered the art of snow with their weird and wonderful creations.

♥ If you love random facts, check out these 32 weird urban myths that are actually true.

♥ In need of some blog post inspiration? Take a look at these 71 proven templates for blog post ideas and 29 beauty and style blog post ideas.

and finally,

♥ This comic strip about life and death is possibly the cutest thing I've seen all week.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I totally agree with you, there are no finer things than taking your bra off and putting comfy clothes on! the comic strip about life and death is quite touching isn't it? and I'm a massive fan of pom-poms in the bedroom! I love them, you are like me, I pine for the sea too, I like a massive flask of hot, sugary tea and chips to take too and watch the waves, are you a water sign? x x x

    1. There really are few things better than removing an underwired bra at the end of the day. I agree; I think the comic strip is a really sweet way to think of life and death. I want to decorate every room with those pom-poms! I want to get some for my bedroom, but I think it's probably already cluttered enough. I've always loved the sea; probably because my parents took us to the beach a lot growing up and I'd spend most of the time in the waves. Gotta have fish and chips at the seaside, a 99, and a side order of sand! I am a water sign, actually! I'm a cancer! xx

  2. The fox is the cutest such a sweetie xx

    1. Cutest little critters ever! xx


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