Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Favourites #44

Hey lovelies,

I can't believe it's Sunday again already! I'm not quite sure where this week has gone, but I did manage to find shed loads of interesting images to share with you all this week... Enjoy.


Oh, this dress! Be still my beating heart, it's so elegantly beautiful. The colour is divine.

Stunning eye make up.

Gorgeous dress.

I've developed a real love of blue rose tattoos. These are gorgeous.

Amazing hair.

All this colour pleases me.

I'm going to have to give these rainbow nails a try.


It's an elephant... in a raincoat and hat!

This baby dolphin saying hello to a penguin is utterly cute.

This Toy Story spoof of The Shining is brilliant!  (See the rest at the source).

Teeny tiny piglet!

I want a pet capybara!

I love this idea of using a huge world map as statement wallpaper.

Pretty braid.

Love this Autumnal manicure.

A great way of journaling what you're grateful to in life. I may have to do this.

I'm beginning to look forward to Autumn, and crunching through paths of crunchy dead leaves.

I ADORE this beautiful coat! I wish it was one I could realistically afford, because it would look so lovely over my dresses during the Winter. It even caters to sizes XXS up to a 5 XL, and takes custom orders, too. Sadly I don't have a spare £200+ to spend, otherwise it would be mine!

Alice tattoo <3


We always think the grass is greener elsewhere...and often, the other person we wish to be like longs to be in our shoes.

"No one has the power, authority, or even the right to police someone's body and health... it doesn't make you some kind of hero, it makes you a fucking asshole!"

What I wouldn't give to own this skirt!

Biologists have recognised that some species of birds engage in play, like juvenile common ravens that like rolling themselves down snowbanks for the fun of it! So cute.

This incredible shot is of firefly squid in Toyama, Japan. I've never seen anything like this before.

This is me.

I would never have thought to dip cherries in chocolate and sprinkles, but they look delicious.

This is perfect. <3 Take note, everyone!

And a few other things you might enjoy...

// I've fallen in love with Viviana Agostinho's retro home, which she shared on the blog A Beautiful Mess earlier this week. Check it out if you're in to retro home decor.

// These bat GIFS are adorable.

// And these mama and baby panda GIFS are probably the cutest animal images I've ever seen.

// 20 Amazing Under Water Sculptures. Some are just plain creepy!

// Tattoo spelling fails. There are no words...

// This Nutella hot chocolate recipe sounds amazing! I need to try it when Winter sets in.



  1. so many interesting articles - yep the underwater sculptures are beautiful but definitely eerie, the tattoo's? what a shocker!! and the animals were most unusual - tulle skirt lovliness and I am on the lookout for a winter coat, which will cover my frocks, one I saw was £180 *faint* x Love these posts Louise x

    1. I honestly don't know how tattoos are allowed to be mis-spelt. You'd think they'd check, double check, spell check, and check some more before getting out the needles! It really isn't that hard. It does seem to be hard to find coats long enough for dresses, though, doesn't it? £180 for a coat? Eek! Thanks, Sandra xx


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