Saturday, 7 April 2012

Iceburg, Right Ahead!

That can only mean one thing when you're hundreds of miles away from the icy North Atlantic ocean... that's right, you've guessed it- I went to see Titanic 3D at the cinema yesterday afternoon!

It's been my favourite film of all time since I first saw it aged eleven. I've watched it countless times over the last fifteen years, but still found myself bawling through the entire film. (I was impressed my Inglot eye shadows and Maybelline mascara stayed put!) I noticed things I'd never noticed before, and fell in love with Jack all over again. Wasn't Leo a cutie back in the day? The quality of James Cameron's masterpiece on the big screen was incredible. I urge everybody to grab your nearest loved one/ bestie/ Mum/ sister- (anybody will do)- and go see it in 3D! It was my first outing for four months, and even though I'm paying for it with seering-hot pain today, I've no regrets.

I didn't have long to choose an outfit, so I quickly threw on a pair of purple tights, my purple midi dress, green belt, and my new denim jacket. I needed something comfortable for a four hour cinema trip.

Outfit Details

Dress- Dorothy Perkins
Belt- Dorothy Perkins
Jacket- Dorothy Perkins
Necklace- Assessorize
Bag- Miss Selfridge
Tights: Evans
(I also wore Navy New Look ballet pumps, not pictured).

I'm sorry for the poor quality of these photos. I didn't have much energy left to remain on my feet after a busy afternoon. It's also very similar to the outfit I wore on Thursday, just in a different colour!

I tried the Myleene Klass Nails before i went to bed the night before, hoping to have lovely nails for my cinema trip.

There are 24 nail transfers in each pack, in a variety of sizes so you can select the best ones for your nail size and shape. The heart design I chose was visually really cute- a nice tomato-red colour around ditsy little white hearts. The transfers reminded me of stickers I used to get as a child, just perhaps a little more durable.

I followed the instructions carefully- first you have to clean and buff the nails, then stick the transfer on each nail starting at the cuticle and smooth out any creases as you slowly make your way to the tip. You're then told to stretch the excess transfer over the tip of your nail and use the provided nail-file to file it off.

I spent two hours trying to get the transfers to stick to my nails. When i finally got one to stick long enough for me to attempt to file off the excess, it would come loose again. I persevered for a total of four hours! I tried using my Inglot top coat to set the transfer to my nail. It was only after about fifteen coats that the transfers began to stay in place.

One came off while I slept. Two fell off as soon as I washed my hands. Another four came off in the shower! The packaging claims the nails are "durable to last all week!" Mine didn't even survive twelve hours. I can't imagine anybody avoiding getting their hands wet for an entire week, and from this experience, I don't believe these transfers could last all week.

They look lovely on, and would probably be great for a night out or a day spent shopping- as long as you avoided getting them wet. The pack cost £5.99, which for just a few hours wear seems rather frivolous, and unfortunately they've left me disappointed. From this experience i could only give Myleene's Nails 1/5 mostly for appearance. Sorry, Myleene.

Today has been spent in bed browsing beautiful dresses on line. I've been torn between two lovely ASOS dresses for a few weeks now, and finally made a decision about which to buy first. I will be giving this lovely birdcage dress a home in a few days. :)

 I can't wait to wear it!

Hope you all have a great Easter! 



  1. Sorry to hear about the nail transfers. I've wanted to try something like that for a while now, but I don't really want to spend that much money on something that only lasts a few days (or hours :/).

    Can't wait to see the dress when it arrives, I really like the print :D

    Happy Easter, hope you have a nice long weekend! ♥

    1. It's such a shame since they're so cute. It's probably best to invest in some nail art tools instead.

      I can't wait either! It's so pretty.

      Aw thank you! Hope you have a lovely Easter, too. :D

  2. ooooooohhh!! I can't wait to see Titanic 3D!!! It was the only movie I saw multiple times at the cinema!

    I have also been drooling over that birdcage dress lately! I can't wait to see you rock it! xx

    1. You're going to love it. It's fantastic in 3D. I want to go back to watch it again. LOL. I saw it multiple times, too.

      Thank you! I hope it's as nice as it looks. Can't wait for it to get here xx

  3. Love that bird cage dress - looking forward to seeing it on you!

    Shame about those nail transfers, you've a lot more patience than me!


    1. It really is a beautiful dress! It arrived today, so there's a blog post of me wearing it above.

      It was a shame cos they were so pretty. I think the patience came from insomnia and boredom. Haha! x


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