Monday, 30 July 2018

Erstwilder Brooch Haul

I've added five new brooches to my ever-growing Erstwilder jewellery collection over the last month or so, and I figured it was about time I gave you guys a look at my new favourite pieces. I know many of you will love them as much as I do.

First up is an old Erstwilder fan favourite rereleased in a brand new colour-way for 2018- an amazing Kraken brooch called From The Deep. It features a deep-purple, marbled-resin Kraken breaching wild glittery aquamarine waves that are both threatening to devour an old grey ship with cream marbled sails, and a glittery magenta flag on top. Behind it, are vivid ombre blue and white skies shaped like a cloud that makes the scene look a whole lot less threatening than it should be. It. Is. Stunning. I honestly cannot get over the beautiful colours and resins used to create this amazing brooch; there's so much to take in and the detail is just incredible. My photos really don't do it justice. It has got to be one of my favourite pieces of jewellery ever!

Another piece I chose from the Fan Favourites collection is Sandy the Shy Seahorse. Sandy has also been given a whole new look for 2018, and has made a transformation from pink and blue to purple and green. This sweet little seahorse has a lilac pearlescent face and stomach, with a marbled purple body and tail, which is tightly curled around a tendril of marbled emerald-green seaweed. He's a little smaller than most Erstwilder brooches, but he still makes a great statement piece, and what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in character. I think he's absolutely adorable, and will be ideal for wearing on trips to the seaside and visits to the aquarium. He's currently on sale for just £17.95 at Bark at the Meow, so snap him up here.

From seahorses to sea otters, the next piece I have to show you is Eric's Otters; a pair of purple and pink sea otters lying on their backs holding hands. (Did you know sea otters hold hands when they're sleeping so they don't float away from each other? How cute is that?!) I don't know who Eric is or how he came to own a pair of purple and pink sea otters, but I think you'll agree his otters are adorable. These pastel-coloured critters are block-coloured with cream muzzles and slightly darker ears than their bodies, and have a glossy finish. It's one of the cutest brooches I've ever seen, and I'm so happy to finally have it in my collection. It'll be perfect for accessorising pastel-coloured outfits and other uber feminine ensembles.

I've clearly been drawn to aquatic animal designs lately, as the fourth brooch I chose is another sea-creature-themed piece- Michelle Sea Turtle from the Ocean Vibes collection. Michelle is a graceful green sea turtle made from vibrant lime green and tortoiseshell patterned resins, and she's every bit as beautiful as the real turtles that grace our oceans. Just look at those resins! So gorgeous. I've always loved sea turtles, so I just had to have her in my collection, and I'm so glad I was able to snap her up with my birthday money (along with Sandy and the otters) after coveting her for months.

Last but not least is the newest addition to my collection, Matryoshka Memories, from the new nostalgic childhood collection, Down Memory Lane. Matryoshka Memories is a stunning red and black Russian doll brooch decorated with folky marbled and pearlescent resin flowers, dots, and patterns in shades of yellow, white, and red. She's an absolute beauty! With her bold colours and large size, she's so striking, and has to be one of my favourite brooches to date. I was actually really lucky to get my hands on her because she sold out so quickly; I managed to grab the very last one from Carnation Collectibles! She's currently sold out from all the online UK stockists, but is still available direct from Erstwilder's website, so move fast if you want to add her to your collection.

And those are the five newcomers to my Erstwilder brooch collection.

I'm so pleased with every single piece. The designs are amazing, the quality is wonderful, as always, and I know I'm going to get lots of wear out of all of them. I've already worn some of them multiple times.

Each range has been designed by a different guest designer, and each piece is made from laser-cut layered resins which are assembled and painted by hand. They also come presented in their own sturdy round cardboard box baring the Erstwilder logo, which makes them a great gift for any novelty jewellery fan, and stops the brooches getting damaged in transit / storage.

Erstwilder is based in Melbourne, Australia, but if you live outside Australia and don't want to pay the shipping and tax fees, they do have stockists around the world, which you can find links to here. I buy my Erstwilder brooches from several different UK stockists, but particularly favour and recommend Glitterally as they offer free delivery, efficient service, and usually send sweets with my orders. What's not to love about that?

Do you have any Erstwilder brooches in your jewellery collection?

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  1. I don't as they're not my style but I do admire your collection particularly the turtle what an absolute cutie!

  2. I do love Erstwilder, I have a few brooches but I prefer the necklaces 😉 I love that otter brooch though!


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