Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunday Favourites #327

Apparently it's Sunday again, so that means it's time for another one of those Sunday Favourites post things I've been known to do around these parts..

These adorable double scoop ice cream cone cookies from The Sprinkle Factory.

I love Bliss Makes' idea for turning fruity pouches in to tropical DIY planters.

A Kailo Chic Life's DIY confetti ice bucket would be perfect for life's celebrations.

I want to make this DIY giant tassel wall hanging from A Beautiful Mess- although, I'd probably make mine super colourful, naturally.

Maritza Lisa's DIY terrazzo wall art looks so eye-catching.

These DIY ice cream earrings from The Glitter in My Tea are amazing! They'd be so perfect for summer.

How cute is this handmade puppy vase from Hesukinae?! If they added a black patch over one eye, and some white to one of its ears, it could be Rosie.

This earl grey cake pavlova from Coco Cake Land looks so delicious.

I really like this Groovy Garden floral art print from Oh Joy. So pretty.

A Subtle Revelry's churro ice cream recipes all look amazing. Get in my belly.

I adore these lovely embroidery kits from Hawthorne Handmade. I may need to get my hands on one or two.

I kinda wanna make this DIY retro Lazy Susan from Sugar & Cloth.

I'm loving this cactus print from Maggie Magoo Designs.

I would love to get my hands on these modern cross stitch kits from Floss and Mischief, especially the pretty toucan kit.

Aww Sam's stuffed peppers sound soooo good.

Aren't these hand-cut paper sculptures by Lisa Lloyd absolutely amazing?! The detail is incredible.

Lovely Links

Amy, The Curvaceous vegan, wrote a relatable post about body shamers and feeling confident in the summer weather.

♥ A reminder not to judge other people's fashion choices by Hayley Hall. A post that everybody should read.

Georgina of She Might Be Loved wrote two great post about body confidence and self love: don't just survive this summer, thrive!, and  isn't it time you loved yourself more?

I loved Emma's post featuring ten of the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall.

♥ People are sharing the names they call their pets instead of the original names, and it's hilarious. I used to have a guinea pig called Diesel, but for some reason I usually called her Bug. I can't even remember why I started calling her that. She was also known as my Squeaky Little Afro With Feet, because she had long wavy black fur (she was a texel) and looked like an afro with feet.

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Have a great day!

What did you enjoy most this week?

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