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Christmas Bedroom Tour 2016

I know Christmas is over for another year, and you've all probably packed your decorations away and turned your thoughts to the new year, but I'm a little late to the party, and still have a couple of Christmas posts to blog.

Today, I'm going to share some photos of how I decorated my bedroom for Christmas this year. I had hoped to blog about it before Christmas, but the last few weeks have been so hectic that this is the first chance I've had to finish putting it together. Hopefully next Christmas I'll be much more organised!

So, I like to decorate my bedroom for Christmas every year because I spend so much time on bed rest thanks to chronic pain and chronic illness, and I don't like to miss out on the festive cheer and pretty decorations altogether just because I'm laid up in bed. This year I think I put up more decorations than ever before, and I have to say, I enjoyed having my very own Winter Wonderland during December!

I bought myself a little Christmas tree from Sainsburys again this year, and since I needed to raise it up away from Rosie (my dog), I decided to create a little Christmas display around it on my dressing table. I decorated the tree with white lights, some gorgeous vintage-style baubles, and colourful snowflakes, and filled in the gaps with Scandi pegs and some jingle bells because I ran out of energy and decorations that matched. I know the decorations don't exactly work together and the tree looked terrible but after a while I was in too much pain to care. I definitely need to get some garlands, tinsel or ribbon to fill in the gaps on next year's tree, though.

We didn't put the big tree up downstairs this year because Rosie would have destroyed it, so I put some of the presents I wrapped underneath my tree until Christmas morning. I then built it up with colourful perfume bottles, sweet jars filled with mini colourful baubles, jewelled make up brushes, hummingbird and frog queen decorations, my jewellery holders jazzed up with festive pins and decorations, and even added in my masquerade mask with a flower in its feathers. 

My little collection of festive tea light holders and a Christmas candle I was given last year returned to their spots beside my TV. I'd usually light them each night during December, but this time I only lit them a handful of times; I don't know why, but I really wasn't feeling Christmas at all last month.

I had my pretty red jingle bell heart-shaped wreath hanging from an old light fixture just above the candle holders. I've had it for about three years now and I still can't believe it was a supermarket find.

I decided to overhaul the bags on the back of my bedroom door for Christmas, taking a gazillion bags down and replacing them with my Christmas bags, as well as others in festive red, green, and gold, before draping my snowman fairy lights over them. I actually think this was one of my favourite areas of my bedroom during December! It was oddly satisfying to look at while propped up in bed on my laptop.

Above my bookshelves, I hung a couple of paper snowflake decorations below the rainbow paper garland that I've actually kept hanging up since last Christmas. I personally don't see it as a Christmas decoration, just an every day decoration because of how colourful it is- even if it is similar to those cheap foil Christmas ceiling decorations we always had growing up.

Of course, I also added decorations to my bookshelves, where I could, mixed in with my books, DVDs, trinkets, and a few novelty bags.

My L'Occitane Advent calendar, telephone novelty bag, a vase filled with the remaining mini baubles, and a little wooden Christmas tree took the tallest spot on the shelves.

My LED decorations made friends with my robot bag. Unfortunately, I ran out of batteries by the time I took these photos, so you can't see them in action, but the large tree twinkles quickly with a snowglobe-like effect, and the four small decorations fade in to different colours. 

And I also added in some of the hoop art that I recently made amongst my books and DVDs, along with my old nutcracker candles and a Tatty Teddy ornament. I had hoped to create a wall feature out of hoop art this Christmas, but I ran out of supplies to finish them off properly, so that will have to wait until next Christmas now. I've still enjoyed looking at them propped up on my bookcase, just beyond the laptop screen.

I would usually blog photos of how our living room is decorated for Christmas, but we didn't put the tree up or decorate the fire place this Christmas, because Rosie is still in her everything-is-a-toy phase, but if you're curious, you can see how it was decorated for previous Christmases via the links below.

How did you decorate your home for Christmas?

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  1. Louise it looks so pretty!!! I love everything you did. The tree looks lovely too! I do like your bag collection! I had no decorations this year because of being away which was a bit sad!

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  3. It looks lovely and it makes sense to decorate your room as you're spending a lot of time in there - we are so lazy with Christmas decorations, perhaps we will finally make an effort in 2017!


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