Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Things Haul

Over the last few months I've gradually collected quite a few new Christmas bits and bobs, from Christmas decorations and craft supplies, to festive pins and colouring books, so I thought it was about time I did a Christmas haul to show you them all. 

They will no doubt appear in other posts throughout the month, but I wanted to share them before they all sell out in case you see something you like and want to buy. I'll link back to everything that's still available online beneath each image.

I had my eye on a set of vintage-style glass baubles from Dot Com Gift Shop for well over a year, so I finally placed an order a couple of weeks ago, and bought a few other things from their final clearance, too. The baubles are even lovelier than I'd anticipated, featuring three different designs in four colours; they remind me of some of the decorations we had growing up. They were an amazing bargain, originally retailing for £19.95 and on sale for just £4.95! I'm tempted to order another box or two. I also picked up another set of the scandi pegs I bought last year (one set wasn't enough), two packs of cake cases, a shopper bag to use when Christmas shopping, and a pack of festive tissue paper (which I forgot to add in to the photos, so you'll see it in the next one with my Hobbycraft haul). When my order arrived, I opened the box to find I had also been sent a complimentary pack of gift tags, which was a lovely surprise! I only spent around £11-12 in total, which was fantastic considering what I bought.

I always do a Hobbycraft shop at this time of year, picking up any gift wrapping and craft supplies I may need. I bought a huge haul last Christmas so I didn't need as much as usual this year, but I needed to get a new cracker kit (I like to make my own Christmas crackers every year), some ribbons, and tissue paper. I then fell in love with a set of fifties-style fat quarters which I just had to have so I can turn them in to some festive hoop art, and I couldn't leave without adding some paper Christmas tree, Santa hats, and snowflake decorations to my basket. I could have easily bought a million other things, but I was good and restrained myself. Am I the only one who finds shopping for craft supplies as enjoyable and addictive as shopping for clothes and beauty products?

I found these adorable metal Christmas pins in Sainsburys last week, and just couldn't leave without them. They were only £3 so it would've been rude not to. Just look at how cute they are! There were also some similar earrings I want to go back for, and I think I saw hair accessories in the collection as well. I can't seem to find these online, but you should be able to find them in the clothing or gift section in store.

I treated myself to a copy of an A Christmas Carol themed Christmas colouring book called Escape To Christmas Past, since I'd wanted to get my hands on it since last Christmas. It's full of lovely black and white Victorian and Dickensian line drawings to colour in, and I'll be reviewing it properly later in the month.

This is my first Christmas with my own pet dog, and the first Rosie will experience outside a whelping pen (she was born just a few days before Christmas last year), and I've turned in to a crazy puppy Mum who wants to buy her all the things. I couldn't resist getting her this Christmas jumper from Boohoo with the best Christmas movie quote ever, which is surprisingly soft, thick, and good quality for the £10 price tag. I went with the large for Rosie, my Tibetan terrier, who is about the size of a cocker spaniel, and I think it will fit her perfectly. Getting it on her without her shredding it first will be interesting (she goes nuts for fabric), but I think she's going to look adorable. I also bought her the cutest corduroy gingerbread man toy by Little Pet Face, which was just £4 from Sainsburys. She will probably tear it to pieces before Christmas Day is through, but I don't mind knowing it'll keep her happy and amused for at least a few hours. It's her Christmas, too.

My  little sister, Sarah, bought me this awesome Pete's Dragon Elliott Christmas decoration from The Disney Store a couple of months ago, just because. Since it's not at all festive, I'll be keeping him on display all year round. He's no longer available on the UK website, but you can find him on the American site here.

Another adult Christmas colouring book I've acquired is Johanna's Christmas by Johanna Basford, the creator of the best-selling adult colouring books Secret Garden, and Enchanted Forest. It's full of beautiful, intricate Christmas line drawings, with everything from Christmas trees and presents, to baubles and cuckoo clocks just waiting to be coloured in. It's lovely. I'll be reviewing it properly later in the month, with plenty of pictures.

Earlier in the year, I snagged a few things on sale from Cath Kidston, including two bright and colourful cotton Christmas banners, curling ribbons, Christmas stickers, and a pack of mid-century style Christmas cards. They were from previous Christmas collections, but I don't mind that at all.

And finally, these are a few things I picked up from a Paperchase outlet branch in the boxing day sales last year. I bought some little gift boxes, a gift bag, and two packs of nail wraps, which I'll be putting to good use in the next few weeks.

There are a few other Christmas things that I've collected this year which aren't pictured, including some Cath Kidston roll wrap that aren't here yet, my L'Occitane Advent calendar, The Snowman CD soundtrack my sister gave me this weekend, and a couple of Yankee Candles, but they're bound to pop up on the blog later in the month.

What festive things have you been buying this year?

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