Thursday, 3 November 2016

Photo Diary | October 2016

October was a really great month for me. I managed to get out and about a handful of times, and did and saw more those few days than I've done over the last year or two combined. So, that's basically, not a lot by normal standards, but a huge amount for a decrepit, house-bound spoonie like myself who has barely left the house all year.

I went on a two-day mini road trip to Bournemouth and Brighton to see Ronan Keating on stage, saw the seaside, went to an aquarium, drove past the New Forest, popped in to Portsmouth, passed by the historic village of Arundel and its castle, saw parts of Brighton from the car, and before we headed home, had my first Five Guys at the gorgeous Brighton marina. I hung out with my puppy in the garden, paid a quick visit to Bourton-on-the-Water one Saturday afternoon, and drove around some of the beautiful Cotswolds villages and countryside close to home with my sister. I made a lot of fun memories along the way, and I'm glad I made them. Here are the best bits in photos.

1.  Seagulls. // 2. Tasty ice cream at the seaside. // 3. Bournemouth Beach. // 4. The sea; my happy place. // 5. Zip line tower on Bournemouth Pier. // 6. Bournemouth Pier.

1.  Pretty fish at Bournemouth Oceanarium. // 2. Just keep swimming. // 3. You have serious thrill issues, dude. // 4. Cute Inca tern. // 5. Grooming on the go. // 6. Bitch, please.

1.  Nautillus are so bizarre, // 2. Grumpy fish. // 3. Another pretty sea turtle. // 4-6. Ronan Keating live in Bournemouth; still got it.

1.  Gasometer in Poole. // 2. Driving through the New Forest. // 3. I wonder if Fort Nelson might be over compensating for something... // 4. A glimpse of the sea in Portsmouth. // 5. Sails on the motorway. // 6. Random figurehead at Gunwharf Quays.

1.  Stunning Arundel. // 2. That is a Post Office!! // 3. Arundel Castle. // 4. Driving past Brighton Pier. // 5 and 6. Brighton Pavilion is so beautiful.

1.  Another glance at Brighton Pier. // 2. Gorgeous ornamental street lamps on Brighton sea front. // 3. Brighton Marina. // 4. I need my own boat! // 5. Cormorant having a nap on the dock. // 6. Serene view of Brighton marina.

1.  Five Guys for the win. // 2. Amazing double cheeseburger. // 3. Delicious fries. // 4 and 5. Giant colourful patterned Snow Dog statue in Brighton Marina. // 6. Cool graffiti.

Rosie hanging out in the garden, getting up to mischief as always; chasing after apples, and gnawing on branches she cut down from bushes herself.

1-3. Pretty succulents in the garden. // 4. Bold red rose hips. // 5. Four leaves and a feather. // 6. Autumn in The Cotswolds.

1.  Burford high street. // 2. Rooftops of Burford. // 3. Pretty view at Bourton-on-the-Water. // 4. Enjoying the view beside the river. // 5. Nice signage. // 6. Beautiful, tranquil Bourton.

1 and 2. Seagulls standing on rooftops in Bourton-on-the-Water. // 3. A ladybird that landed on my arm. // 4. Gorgeous Charlie Bears reindeer and koala toys. // 5. A Gollywog toy.  Seriously, Bourton? // 6. Enjoying an ice cream with a view of the river.

1.  Autumn in The Cotswolds. // 2. Autumn has begun. // 3. Gorgeous little village. // 4. Three partridges off to find their pear trees. // 5. Lechlade church. // 6. Cute little Cotswold cottages.

1.  Working on my Christmas cross stitch. // 2. My Mum's amazing cheese scones. // 3. Nutella Krispy Kreme doughnuts are seriously delicious. // 4. Santa Claus is coming to town. // 5. A Christmas display at a local Christmas shop. // 6. Giant faceless Santa.

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What did you get up to in October?


  1. I'm really glad you had a lovely month and managed to get out!!x

  2. When you post posts like this, my heart beats so fast! Its been my dream since I was like 13 to visit the UK, I just think it looks so beautiful. I can't even imagine the history of some of the places! Little Rosie is just so adorable!


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