Thursday, 1 September 2016

Photo Diary | August 2016

August was another quiet, uneventful month for me; I barely left the house all month because the pain has been horrendous this Summer. Apart from popping in to Cheltenham last week, I only left the house for medical appointments, so it was a pretty boring month (aside from gaining another diagnosis, but I'll go in to that some other time). 

I spent most of my time reading, getting stuck in to another cross stitch project, watching movies, writing, and hanging out with my crazy puppy, and just enjoyed the little things instead of dwelling on missing out on all the fun Summer stuff I would've loved to have done. So, I don't have the most exciting photos to share from August, but they capture my August in a nut shell just the same.

1. Pascal Tsum Tsum. // 2. Wini Eggs for the win! // 3. My Cogsworth and Beast Tsum Tsums. 4. New movies I watched in August. // 5. My Elliot Pete's Dragon Tsum Tsum is the cutest thing ever! // 6. Presents I wrapped for my sister's birthday.

1. Making progress on my Christmas cross stitch. // 2. Reading chick lit that read like a pre teen fanfic. // 3. More than a quarter through my cross stitch. // 4. Birthday presents for my sis- all the Tsum Tsums! // 5. Wrapped up presents in colourful tissue paper. // 6. Writing in the garden.

1. Rosie curled up on my bed. // 2. Mid-run during a game of fetch. // 3. Happy pup smiling after I let her hang out upstairs for the first time. // 4. Pretty girl after her new hair cut. // 5. Shaggy dog. // 6. Running around the garden with her favourite toy.

1. Pretty sunset last week. // 2. Beautiful crescent moon a couple of weeks ago. // 3. Thunderstorm. // 4. Gorgeous drive to the hospital during the heatwave. // 5. Rooftops of Cheltenham. // 6. Driving through the countryside.

1. A butterfly having a drink from the buddleia bush in the garden. // 2. Smiling Rosie. // 3. Pretty flowers. 4. Blackberries in the garden. // 5. Orange nails. // 6. Apples Rosie hasn't stolen from our tree yet.

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What did you get up to in August?

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