Monday, 26 September 2016

My Favourite Things To Do In The Autumn

Just a quick one from me today, as I'm just back from a hospital appointment and am so shattered I can barely keep my eyes open. 

Now we're officially in Autumn, I thought it would be a good time to share a list of 50 of my favourite things to do in the Autumn, so that is exactly what I'm going to do.

1.  Go for long walks, preferably in the countryside.
2. Crunch through paths of fallen leaves.
3. Take photos of the colourful, pretty scenery.
4. Listen to the sound of the rain.
5. Curl up under cosy blankets, and read for hours.
6. Visit museums.
7. Explore cemeteries.
8. Buy new school supplies / stationery- even though I've not been a student in thirteen years!
9. Shop for new gloves, scarves, hats, and winter coats..
10. Watch fireworks pirouette across the night sky.
11. Go to bonfires.
12. Play with sparklers (responsibly, obviously!) like an overgrown child.
13. Wear ankle boots with everything.
14. Watch Halloween-themed films and scary movies.
15. Spend dark, cold, dreary days cross stitching.
16. Crunch over frost-covered grass. (Am I the only one who finds that satisfying??)
17. Carve pumpkins.
18. Spend free time at home crafting.
20. Paint my nails in gorgeous deep jewel tones.
21. Wear clothes and accessories in deep colours like burgundy, forest green, raspberry, plum, teal, mustard, rust, and emerald.
22. Eat comfort food.
23. Bake delicious food. 
24. Watch The Bake Off.
25. Take long hot bubble baths.
26. Write to my heart's content.
27. Take trips to the theatre to watch musicals.
28. Start lighting candles every evening again. (I don't tend to burn candles during the warmer seasons; I reserve them for those cosy cold, dark evenings in).
29. Go shopping for new Yankee Candles. (At this time of year, I love the ones that smell of baked goods).
30. Go blackberry picking.
31. Spend time walking around beautiful Oxford- it's so pretty in the Autumn.
32. Go for a walk in the rain, get soaked (on purpose), and come home to a hot shower, and comfy PJs.
33. Eat soup with freshly baked bread.
34. Get a fresh hair cut- new season, new me.
35. Start preparing for Christmas.
36. Have pamper evenings- face masks, mani pedis, delicious food, a few drinks, the works.
37. Make blackberry and apple crumbles, and apple pies.
38. Breathe in the smell of bonfires and wood fires.
39. Barricade the windows and doors to keep out daddy-long-legs'. (Failing that, just burn the house down!)
40. Prise conkers out of their green, thorny pods.
41. Drink hot mugs of cocoa.
42, Have movie marathons in my PJs, wrapped up warm like a burrito under cosy blankets.
43. Learn something new.
44. Take random drives in the country. (The Cotswolds, which I live just on the edge of, are picture postcard pretty during the Autumn, so random drives are always gorgeous at this time of year).
45. Go to a farmer's market.
46. Spend time outdoors.
47. Watch a scary movie at the cinema- the suspense and scare factor is always more intense.
48. Dig out my sketch book and art supplies and spend time drawing and painting.
49. Lie back and look up at the stars, while wrapped up warm.
50. Go to a zoo or wildlife park.

What are your favourite things to do during the Autumn?



  1. Oh god the stationery one! I work in a supermarket and I've been buying all the reduced notebooks I can find! :D

  2. Your post has me wishing it was Autumn here rather than spring!! It's still Halloween next month though, so I'm going to be watching every horror movie I can get my hands on x

  3. Your post has me wishing it was Autumn here rather than spring!! It's still Halloween next month though, so I'm going to be watching every horror movie I can get my hands on x


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