Monday, 11 April 2016

50 Things I Love About Spring

I love Spring time. There are so many great things about it, from the weather to the fashion, and the pretty flowers to the daylight- and everything in between. There are so many reasons why I love this time of year, and just for fun, I've compiled a list of fifty things I love about Spring to share with you today.

1. The evenings are finally getting lighter and the days are getting longer.
2. It won't be pitch black at 4pm for a good seven months or so! Yay!
3. The weather is finally getting warmer after an eternity of bitter cold.
4. There's beautiful blossom blooming almost everywhere you turn, which has to be one of my favourite things ever.
5. Spring time brings Easter which brings chocolate and that's A-OK with me!
6. Wearing pretty pastel nail polishes.
7. Seeing lambs, calves and other cute baby animals in the countryside.
8. Finally getting some decent daylight for taking blog photos in.
9. Having much more time to take blog photos in daylight, not just a half-hour window.
10. Seeing the green beginning to return to the trees, bushes, and plants after months with nothing but grey, stark. lifeless scenery.
11. When the cheerful yellow daffodils start flowering, and everywhere is suddenly colourful again.
12. Feeling less like hibernating and more eager to go out and about to do stuff because there's more daylight.
13. Saying "goodbye" and "good-riddance" to SAD for a couple of seasons.
14. Sitting by an open window and watching / listening to the April showers.
15. Retiring Autumn / Winter fashion for another year and embracing new season clothes.
16. Ditching jewel colours for pretty pastels and bright coloured clothing. Goodbye burgundy and teal, hello lilac and mint!
17. Watching Steel Magnolias because it is the most perfect Easter / Spring movie ever. Fact!
18. Easter brings Cadbury Easter eggs and for some reason, they taste so much better than ordinary Dairy Milk chocolate bars. Honestly, they do!
19. Looking forward to holidays, day trips, and all the other fun things we want to do over the next few months.
20. The smell of the season's first freshly cut grass.
21. Oxford, The Cotswolds, and my home town all look so pretty during the Spring.
22. Having decent light for hobbies like cross stitching, crafting, drawing, and reading.
23. Freshly washed bedding somehow smells so much better in the Spring.
24. The new season feels like a fresh start; a new chapter in life.
25. The sound of birdsong through open windows.
26. All things mint green, coral, lilac, and lemon.
27. Spending time outside in the garden without freezing to death.
28. Swapping Winter boots for ballet pumps and sandals.
29. Filling the house with fresh daffodils and tulips.
30. How colourful the world suddenly becomes when the Spring flowers, such as daffodils, tulips, primroses, and crocuses, flower at the same time.
31. Taking random drives in the countryside with the windows down and some happy songs up loud, just to enjoy the sunshine.
32Eating the first ripe summer fruits and berries of the year.
33. Seeing so many magnolia trees in bloom. 
34. Embracing floral prints and motifs.
35. Spending time with the puppy in the garden and watching her smell the Spring flowers, play, chase after bees, and watch the butterflies flutter about, because it's all so new to her.
36. Planting sunflower from seeds and watching them grow.
37. Curling up with a good book while the rain drums against the window.
38. The return of flamingo and fruit-themed fashion and homeware.
39. Exploring new places in the sunshine.
40. Dawdling around cemeteries in the sunshine, because they're so peaceful at this time of year.
41. Breaking out the gingham, one of my favourite prints.
42. Taking walks in the countryside with the sun on my skin.
43. Making daisy chains and feeling like a five year old again.
44. Being able to sit outside at caf├ęs, coffee shops, beer gardens, and in the garden without freezing.
45. Feeling a warm breeze from open windows, instead of a blast of Arctic air.
46. Seeing lawns full of daisies and buttercups, and meadows full of flowers.
47. Spending Easter Sunday with my family, and sitting down for a good meal together.
48. No longer needing a heavy coat to stay warm, just a light jacket or long-sleeved cardigan.
49. Taking trips to the zoo, which are usually filled with adorable new baby animals to coo over.
50. It's finally light in the morning and in the evening! Hurray!

Feel free to write your own list of things you love about Spring.

What do you love most about Spring?


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  2. So many lovely things about Spring - new plants and lots of new things to grow at the allotment.

  3. Now you're just making me jealous! I mostly love autumn but its starting to get dark earlier & earlier. Enjoy all of the lovely spring things!


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