Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Room Tour: My Bedroom 2015

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody! 

I can't believe it's Christmas Day tomorrow! December seems to have flown by for me this year, and there just haven't been enough hours in the day. I've been meaning to blog a little Christmas bedroom tour since I finished putting the decorations up a couple of weeks ago but it's taken me until now to finish taking and editing my photos. Better late than never, though, right?

I began putting up the decorations in my bedroom on the first, but it actually took me an entire week to get everything out- not because I have a million decorations but because the pain has been so bad lately. I could only do a little bit at a time, which got really frustrating, but it gave me a good excuse to over-play my favourite Christmas tunes that week!

I love my little green cut out Scandi tree from Paperchase.

My dressing table is cluttered with all kinds of stuff, but I still found space for a few decorations. I filled my cotton wool jar with tiny colourful glass baubles, and  a tea light holder with colourful gem decorations, and I really love how they look. I'm tempted to keep them on my dressing table all year round. I wanted to get a couple more jars of different sizes to fill with these little baubles, but I never made it down to Hobbycraft in time. I'll have to do it next year instead. I also dotted some frog queen and hummingbird decorations amongst my perfume bottles and trinkets, and strung my adorable Snowman fairy lights over the mirrors. They make me smile every time I look at them.

I got myself some Christmas bedding for the first time this Christmas, which I'm loving snuggling up in every night. The duvet set was just £12 from ASDA, and it's reversible, with the colours inverted on the other side- although, I've only had the white side on show because I like it best. The fleece blanket was a Black Friday bargain that I picked up from BHS for just £12.50! (Half the original price!). It's so warm and cosy! I'll probably keep on using it right through 'til Spring.

I bought a little Christmas tree for my room again this year, a real one from Sainsburys. It was pre-netted so I didn't know it was a little wonky until I got it home, but for a tenner, I really can't complain. It wouldn't win any prizes for beauty, but I still think it's lovely, and it definitely adds some festive cheer to my room. I can't even see the crap side from where I'm sitting. I decorated it with red, white and green honeycomb balls and bells, jingle bell baubles, and some Scandi pegs. I have Christmas decorations in a rainbow of colours, but classic red, green, and white are definitely my favourites.

I love my old heart-shaped jingle bell wreath. I can't believe it was a supermarket find!

My Christmas tea light holders have been getting plenty of use all month. The three glass ones were from Cath Kidston a few Christmases ago, and the wooden one was from The Christmas Boutique last year.

I have two Nutcracker candles sitting on my bookcase, with my bauble novelty bag as a backdrop. The Nutcrackers don't look great up close, but from a distance you can't see the bad paint-jobs. I think they still look really festive.

And last but not least are a bunch of LED colour-changing ornaments that are brightening up my bookcase. The trees are new and came from a local garden centre. The polar bear, green tree, and penguins are old and came from M&S. They fade in to all kinds of colours every few seconds, and they're so relaxing to watch.

And that is how I've decorated my bedroom for Christmas! 

I will hopefully still find time to blog about how the rest of the house has been decorated this year before Christmas is over, but we haven't quite finished yet (things haven't quite gone to plan this year) so we shall have to wait and see.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year with your family and friends, and that Santa spoils you rotten! Enjoy yourself and make sure you have a few drinks for me, since I can't have any on my painkillers! Merry Christmas!

Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas?



  1. You really nail Christmas! I love the bed spread - that's pretty cool. I hope you had a lovely Christmas day xo

  2. Your decorations are really beautiful! I think you missed your vocation in life as an interior designer! Those glowing ornaments are beautiful. My sister got one last year and I couldn't believe how pretty it was!


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