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Candle and Jewellery Advent Calendar Round Up Christmas 2015

Following on from last week's round-up of this year's beauty advent calendars, today, I've compiled a list of all of the candle and jewellery filled advent calendars that I could find to make your life a little easier. I hope you find it helpful!

Let's start with the candle advent calendars...

Candle Advent Calendars

One of the most luxurious advent calendars this year comes from Parisian brand Diptyque. Inside you'll find a selection of their high quality candles and cosmetics in a variety of fragrances, which includes 16 candles, 7 eau de toilettes, a body butter and precious oils. If you really want to spoil yourself or a loved one this Christmas, Diptyque's advent calendar is the ultimate luxury treat, and it's sure to put you in the good books with the lucky lady in your life. Available now for  a cool £250.

Yankee Candle have brought out not just one but three candle advent calendars this year. The most expensive of the three is the Reindeer Carousel calendar, which in my opinion is also the prettiest- just look at that lovely packaging! Behind each window you'll find a votive or tea light candle in one of eight seasonal Yankee Candle fragrances, including Candy Cane Lane, Snowflake Cookie, Spiced Orange, and the new fragrance Berry Trifle. Available now for just £31.99.

The second of Yankee Candle's advent calendars is Advent In The Snow, a beautifully illustrated house-shaped calendar featuring a festive snow scene. You'll find a tea light in one of seven seasonal scents behind every window, and a festive votive candle as an extra treat on Christmas Eve. With all of those festive candles, your home will be so cosy and inviting right through 'til Christmas, and the best part is, it will only cost you £27.99

The third and most affordable calendar from Yankee Candle, is their Christmas advent calendar which features a snowglobe design with silhouettes of fashionable ladies shopping at Yankee Candle inside it. Behind the cardboard windows you'll find 23 festive Yankee Candle tea lights, and a festive votive on Christmas Eve. Available now for only £24.99.

Colony's Wax Lyrical advent calendar is filled with twenty four of their best-selling, festive-scented tea lights, and a tea light holder to light them in each day. This calendar retails for £22.88, which isn't bad considering its contents give approximately forty-four hours burn time.

Busy Bee Candles' advent calendar is made up of twenty-four of their handmade, high-strength wax melts in a variety of their most popular Christmas fragrances. Available now for £19.95.

Jewellery Advent Calendars

Echtschmuck Jewellery Advent Calendar £110

If you really want to treat yourself or the special lady in your life this Advent, then the Echtschmuck jewellery advent calendar might be the calendar for you. Presented in twenty-four red satin pouches are twenty-four pieces of high quality jewellery, including a necklace, adjustable bracelet, and twenty-two festive-themed charms. The pieces are made from high-quality sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, cubic zirconia, lapis lazuli, and / or rose quartz gemstones, and will set you back an indulgent £110.

Johnny Loves Rosie Jewellery Advent Calendar £55

The Johnny Loves Rosie advent calendar features a different jewellery treat behind every scallop-trimmed window. Inside you'll find gold and silver plated necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and charms. (You can see a few examples of the contents via the link). It's available now for a reasonable £55, and would make a lovely gift for any jewellery fan.

Topshop Jewellery Advent Calendar £28

Topshop have returned with two jewellery advent calendar this year. In the Christmas tree calendar, you'll find a different piece of jewellery from their Freedom at Topshop collection behind each of the twenty-four windows, including 13 pairs of earrings, 8 ditsy necklaces, and 3 ditsy fine bracelets. It's reasonably priced at just £28, and the Christmas-tree-shaped packaging is really cute, too.

Topshop Jewellery Advent Calendar £25

The second of Topshop's advent calendars for 2015 is priced a little lower than the first, and has a completely different design, too. Behind the monochrome and gold, postage-stamp style doors are 12 pairs of stud earrings, 4 ditsy bracelets, and 8 ditsy charm necklaces from Freedom at Topshop. At only £25 it's one of the most affordable calendars this year, and is sure to be popular with fans of Topshop's accessories.

Charm and Bead Christmas Bracelet Advent Calendar £20

The charm and bead advent calendar from Amazon, features 3 flexible wrap around bracelets, and a selection of charms and beads in silver, rose-gold, and yellow-gold colours, with imitation pearls and crystals. Available now for £20.

Meri Meri The Nutcracker Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar £19.99

Meri Meri, a brand which is known for its gorgeous party supplies and stationery, has created a charm bracelet advent calendar in the style of a jewellery box. Forget the jewellery, the beautiful Nutcracker packaging and pop-up theatre have won me over! Inside the pretty packaging are two trays each with twelve compartments, where you'll find a silver bracelet and 23 festive charms, which I'm sure will appeal to many adults as well as the children it's aimed at. Available now for £19.99.

Jewellery Advent Calendar With Charm Bracelets £16.76

This festive advent calendar includes two extendible bracelets, and twenty two enamel and crystal charms which can be mixed and matched to create your own Pandora-style charm bracelets. Available via Amazon for just £16.76.

Smart Jewel's "Merry Christmas" jewellery advent calendar features two faux leather bracelets in black and brown, and twenty-two jewels that can be mixed and matched to create your own unique bracelets. Available through Amazon for just £14.09.

And last but not least is a another advent calendar from Smart Jewel. It's a few pounds cheaper than the other, and appears to have prettier jewellery inside, too. The product description doesn't give much away, but it appears to include two charm bracelets, a charm necklace, at least eighteen charms, and possibly a ring, too. You can find it on Amazon for just £10.69.

How will you be counting down to Christmas this year?

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