Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday Favourites #146

This week's Sunday Favourites is less colourful than my favourites posts tend to be, but what it lacks in colour, it more than makes up for in beautiful images and nature scenes. I hope you enjoy them!

I love these stunning double-exposure style animal portraits from digital artist Andreas Lie. 

These galaxy nails are gorgeous.

I want to make a honeycomb balloon garland

Something about this sloth's expression is oddly human!

I could sit and watch these stunning nature GIFs all day.

I love this galaxy unicorn tattoo, too.

We've all heard of Grumpy Cat, but have you heard of Luhu, the tabby, dubbed the saddest cat on the Internet? Just look at those huge 'Puss In Boots' eyes!

I'm loving ASOS Curve's AW15 lookbook, as modelled by the beautiful Gabi of GabiFresh.

These stunning photos by Russian photographer Margarita Kareva are like a fairytale come to life.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Becky's 11 productive things to do when you have blogger's block post is a must-read if you ever suffer from the dreaded block. It gave me a few things to think about!

♥ I love these 40 creative writing, photography, art and blog post prompts from the blog Vivatramp.

♥ Hayley wrote a brilliant post about why blogging is not a competition.

♥ The photos for Kaylah's latest beach trash post are gorgeous. I love how she can turn junk in to the most beautiful, interesting arrangements and photos.

♥ Sara explained what the life of a fashion blogger is really like behind the scenes.

♥ 16 graphs that will help you understand your highly sensitive friends better. They summed me up pretty well! I'm probably one of the most sensitive, emotional people on the planet.

♥ 17 British swear words explained for Americans. I couldn't stop laughing. What can I say, we love to swear!

♥ This is what plus-size clothes look like on plus-size women. Another post I laughed my way through.

and finally,

Thanks for reading.



  1. The nature art and the scenery gifs are glorious. Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. The nature art and the scenery gifs are glorious. Thanks for sharing! xx

  3. These are beautiful! I love those gifs adn the double exposure images!

  4. I love that sad cat!! I want to hug him!!

  5. what a beautiful nature photos!... keep your health and happy blogging. best regards!

  6. Aww the sad looking cat is beyond cute! Xx


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