Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wednesday Wish List

Who's up for another wish list post? I've got lots of lovely things to show you today....

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Four of my latest Lindy Bop crushes. I can't decide which one I love best... perhaps I need all four??

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These Voodoo Vixen dresses and cardigans are gorgeous.

I'm in love with this stunning Kelly Brook dress. To quote Augustus, I would like to take it to Vegas and marry it; I really would! That print is to die for; it's just so colourful and happy. Plus it's covered in daisies and pansies; which are some of my favourite flowers, so the dress really needs to get in my wardrobe pronto! Or I'll cry.

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These two Fever Fish pleated flared dresses are so pretty.
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New Look have brought out some wide fit jelly sandals! These would be great for Spring and Summer... although, I can feel the blisters forming just from looking at them.

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These wide-fit glitter ballet pumps from New Look are so lovely.

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I love these two novelty bags from ASOS. The ice lolly is especially cute.

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And last but by no means least, I'm loving Cath Kidston's current range of jewellery and hair accessories. The collection is so fun and colourful, so you know it's right up my street!

What's on your wish list this week? 



  1. Omg those jelly shoes remind me of some I had when I was young! Xx

    1. I did, too! I remember getting a pink pair in Blackpool one Summer when I was about seven. They blistered my feet so bad. I bought myself a black pair last Summer, but I still need to break them in. xx


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