Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday Favourites #123

It's that time of the week again...

I'm so in love with Sasha U's seahorse tattoo, and her daschund design is amazing, too.

I love this lady's colourful hair and eye make up.

Pretty manicure.

This is gorgeous.

I wish I had this colourful work space!

A British Arts organization called Vital Arts is working to introduce art in to Britain's hospitals, and 15 artists have already transformed the interiors of London's Royal Children's Hospital in to colourful works of art. These designs are so pretty, and must make hospital visits a little brighter for patients and their families.

These no-bake cake batter cheesecakes (and all those rainbow sprinkles!) look amazing.

Rainbow waffles.

This is Dubai's Miracle Garden, the largest flower garden in the world. It looks absolutely stunning!

I agree!

So beautiful.

NL Architects are proposing a chain of hotels inspired by amethyst gemstones. If this gets built, I'd so go stay there!

Keiko Lynn's room is amazing; there's so much to look at!

Did you know camels are raced by robots in Dubai?! You do now.

These Disney doughnuts are so cute.

I love these photos of an unlikely couple; Ingo the German Shepherd, and Poldi the little owl.

This photo is stunning.

How cute is this little mongoose?!


And a random video of a macaw having a shower and even operating the taps.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ If you're living with a chronic or on-going illness, you might find Shannen's post on self love, care, and coping with chronic illness really helpful.

♥ Doesn't Char look amazing in her Little Red Riding Hood print dress?!

♥ The Junebugs shared their favourite Etsy brooch sellers, and oh my God, I'm in love with them all! So many amazing pieces!

♥ I loved reading about Becky's visit to Harry Potter Studios during animal actors week.

♥ Sera explained from experience why you shouldn't believe what you read in magazines.

♥ These photos, showing the friendship between a little Austrian boy and a group of marmots, are adorable.

♥ Have you heard that the awesome eighties / nineties cartoon, 'Ducktales', is making a come-back in 2017?! Hell yes!

and I'll end with a light-hearted one:

♥ '48 photos that basically prove people in Dubai have too much money.' Did you know you can actually get bars of gold from ATM machines over there?! Or that some Police cars are Lamborghinis?! I think I live in the wrong country! Ha ha!

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