Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday Favourites #119

It's that time of the week again...

I love this colourful dining area.

Such gorgeous hair colours.

This eye make up look is stunning! I really want to recreate it for myself.

I love this colourful living area, and the sofa looks so comfy.

How Disney princesses might look in the modern world. So cute!

Love this manicure; it would be perfect for Valentine's Day.

This is beautiful.

Look at the size of this colony of king penguins! Amazing!

The colours on this beetle are incredible. Nature amazes me sometimes.

Students in Germany turned this ugly electrical tower in to a colourful stained-glass lighthouse.


These Bob's Burgers' embroideries are brilliant!

These tattoos from Martyna Popiel are amazing!

So cute!

A pop-up ball pit for adults has opened in Hammersmith, London, and this is the best thing ever! 

Oh, how I wish this room was mine!

Love this lipstick pinata!

This explains a lot! 

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Do charity selfies really make a difference? Becky wrote an insightful post on smear tests and why it's important to speak up. Ladies, if you're afraid of going for a smear, make sure you give Becky's post a read as she also shared her first experience of cervical screening.

♥ Amanda and Katie's pajama party photos are adorable.

♥ Danielle previewed Barry M's upcoming SS15 nail polishes. and I'm in love with all the new colours.

♥ Alexandra shared her tips on how to snap the perfect outfit photos.

and finally,

Thanks for reading!



  1. Thanks for the link Louise. I love the colours in the beetle, and that make up room is divine! I want. :D xx

    1. You're very welcome! I agree; the beetle is amazing, and the make up room is to die for. xx

  2. I love those nails they are so cute! Xx


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