Friday, 2 January 2015

What I Wore In 2014

It's that time of the year when I like to look back on my best outfits of the past year. 

Best outfits? I barely even blogged enough of them to choose from!

I know that 2014 was not the best year for outfits on this blog. I only managed about twenty, which is extremely pitiful. Even worse so when I remember that I created Polka Spots and Freckle Dots for showcasing my outfits! It's frustrating, but it was and still is out of my control. In 2014, my back pain grew steadily worse, and it go so bad that I was barely mobile, and was forced to spend the majority of the year in bed, wearing pyjamas with my hair scraped back. It wasn't a pretty sight! Some girls can rock that look and still look stunning; I'm not one of them! 

Even when I wore proper outfits, I didn't often have the strength to pose for photos, and most of them weren't even worth blogging about. However, there were some outfits I loved wearing, and many of them eventually made it on to the blog... Here's a look back at my favourites:

Polka Dot Hepburn- This was my very first Lady Vintage dress, which has quickly become one of my favourites dresses of all time. It's perfect in every way!

Red Gingham and Strawberries- Another first for 2014... the gingham Audrey swing dress was my first Lindy Bop frock, but not my last! The large gingham print reminded me of tablecloths, so I enjoyed wearing it with my novelty strawberry bag from Accessorize, and a matching necklace.

Red and Yellow Polka Dots- In early Autumn, I channelled my inner Minnie Mouse by wearing a classic red polka dot Lindy Bop dress, with so much yellow! Yellow polka dot pumps, a yellow cropped cardi, and the most amazing lemon wedge clutch bag. It was one of the most fun outfits I've ever worn, and definitely one of my favourites, not just of 2014, but of all time, too.

Brown and Yellow- I experimented with some different colour combinations, and ended up looking like a nineties Brownie when I wore my Pretty Woman dress with yellow!

In the House in a Heartbeat- My absolute favourite buy of 2014 was a black and white heart print skater dress by Alice & You, which fits like a dream. I've lost count of just how many times I wore it last year, but I think it made an appearance at least once a week! I loved wearing it with bold pops of colour, but especially red.

It Must've Been Love- This was the debut of the Pretty Women dress; a brown polka dot swing dress by Lindy Bop I got my hands on in the summer. I didn't have the best pieces to style it with, so this outfit wasn't one of my best, although the dress is a beauty.

Seasons Change- This was one of the few plain dresses and outfits I wore all year, but it's another that's high on the favourites list. Why? Those colours! The deep raspberry of the dress and the forest green of the boots made this colour junkie happy.

Purr, Purr. Purr- I remixed an old frock from 2012; a coral cat print dress from AX Paris which was the cheapest garment I've ever snagged on sale- less than £6.50!! I teamed it simply with black pieces, and was complimented by a lady in the supermarket.

Freckles and Fox Print- I couldn't stop myself from giving one of my favourite dresses a reappearance in 2014, and dressed the raspberry fox print frock with purple, pink, and coral. This dress is still one of my faves; I wore it just last week.

Lips of an Angel- I didn't feel hugely confident with my looks last year, but the photos from this outfit shoot were some of the few I felt I looked nice in. It's funny as this lip print skater dress is one of the least expensive dresses in my wardrobe, and it didn't even fit me perfectly!

Aztec Stripes- I bought this stripey Aztec print skater dress with a voucher I won in a blog giveaway, and it was easily one of the most fun pieces I wore all year.

Swans a Swimming- My love for quirky prints showed no sign of letting up in 2014, and I added several new garments to my wardrobe zoo, including an amazing swan print skater dress from Dorothy Perkins. The print was so cheerful, and I couldn't help but wear it with a novelty bag shaped like a Russian Doll.

Polka Dots and Vampire Teeth- I based this outfit around the amazing vampire lips clutch bag, which has to be one of the best bags ever created! I wore it with red and black, and a generous helping of polka dots.

Lemon and Aquamarine- This was, without a doubt, one of the brightest, and most colourful outfits of 2014, and a new colour combination for me. The bold aquamarine dress was unlike anything I've ever worn before, and just in case I wasn't colourful enough, I decided to go extra colourful and added lots of yellow to finish the look off. It was a happy outfit.

Hearts and Polka Dots- I went even shorter with my hem lengths during the summer, which was a turning point for me; rewind four or five years earlier and I was terrified of stepping out in public in leggings and dresses below the knee! I was surprised by how good I felt in this outfit, and I've worn the dress many times since.

JD Williams Knitwear Review- The final three outfits were featured in one post. I know I blogged about them yesterday, but I actually wore them in December, so I'm still counting them as last year's outfits. Annoyingly, the post was delayed as my laptop broke and I lost some of the photos. I had fun styling all three outfits around three gorgeous pieces of knitwear, and I even wore my first pair of trousers in two and a half years!

And that's eighteen of my favourite outfits of 2014! I didn't dislike any of the outfits I wore, but I do think most of them were quite predictable, and not really worth writing home about. I used to wear all kinds of clothes in all kinds of styles, but I've definitely become comfortable with dressing a certain way over the last couple of years. 

My aim is to try to mix things up a little in 2015, and go back to taking more risks with my fashion choices. I also hope to get back to blogging more outfits this year, although only time will tell if I can manage that one!

What was your favourite outfit of 2014?



  1. lots of lovely outfits! Happy New year!! x

  2. So adorable! I can't pick a favorite! <3

    xox Sammi

  3. Honestly Louise I'd never noticed you haven't done a lot of outfit posts this year. Your blog is so chock full of good things! When you do post outfits, they're always SO lovely, so don't beat yourself up.

    Here's wishing you a better 2015. xx

  4. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself lovely - you've had a tough year and I still think 20 outfit posts is pretty great! I don't think I did that many and I'm in pretty good health. I love that gingham fit and flare dress and also the vampire teeth clutch xox

  5. I love all of these rdo heart and polkadots and seasons change. Don't be hard on yourself about the amount of outfits you've posted we all get your circumstances <3 xx


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