Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Favourites #104

Hello and happy Sunday! It's good day for some favourites, don't you think?

I am, and so are you!

This manicure is amazing.

I'm in love with these tattoos from Sasha Unisex. The hedgehog is so cute!

Can you believe these aquatic wildlife images are actually paintings, made from layers and layers of resin?! I kid you not. I can't believe how realistic they are! (Loads more at the source).

This make up and jewellery storage is to die for! Does anybody know who it belongs to?

15 clutch essentials.

These fox paintings by Marcela Cardenas are stunning.

These animal photographs are adorable.

I love this hair colour.

This is beautiful.

These photos of Finland from photographer Mikko Lagerstedt are absolutely incredible.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ The Tattooed Tea Lady tells you to give yourself a break!

♥ Leah wrote a fantastic piece against the old accusation that plus size fashion bloggers are "promoting obesity", and why it couldn't be further from the truth.

♥ I love The Dainty Squid's drift wood beach fort! It would make the most amazing reading nook!

♥ The Black Pearl Blog's gallery wall is so pretty and interesting.

♥ Vivatramp wrote a brilliant post on how to be a good friend to somebody with an illness. If you know somebody who has a chronic illness, condition, or on-going injury, please give it a read!

♥ 25 beautiful doors that seem to lead to other worlds. One of them must lead to Narnia or the Secret Garden, surely?

♥ Need something light-hearted and adorable to make you smile? Check out these 30 dogs sleeping like awkward doofuses.

and finally,

♥ The heart warming story of a dancer who helped her Great Dane walk again, after he aided her own recovery when she also lost the use of her legs in a diving accident.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!



  1. I absolutely love that hedgehog tattoo !!
    and that room storage is perfect :)
    I love these kind of posts !
    Launa x
    Sprinkles & Ink

  2. Thanks for the links to my post and the guest post on Nat's blog. This was a bumper edition of gorgeousness. I hope you're feeling a little better now? x x

  3. Great images and links as always - I love that hedgehog tattoo!


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